Studio: Jayedwards

When Ashleys had it with her rock star boyfriend and his groupies, this babe pays an unannounced visit to Jays place just to receive away. As they converse about this and that, Ashley puts her foot in her face hole and Jay leaves absolutely piddled off. Miss Renee is in a short time fastened hand and foot -- much to her distress. When this babe complains, her face hole is stuffed with a big wad of cloth and taped shut. Ashley has great love muffins and Jay shows em to u as this chab pulls out of her costume and squeezes em to his delight. We next watch that Ashley has lost her adult baby dark suit and is now in garter strap and dark pantyhose. Her pantoons are bound and a rope secures her to the ceiling. She unhappily prances around calling out for Jay to set her free. A crotchrope makes her complain even greater quantity but the restraint gag puts a stop to almost all of her noise. The real clincher is when Jay ties a rope to ring in the restraint gag Ashley to bow and then this chab secures the rope to her ankles. A leather slapper is then applied to her vulnerable arse. Clamps pull on her nipps as drool slides past her gag. Kneeling on the floor bound to a post on the rotating platform, Ashley is treated to teat clamps and a taut crotchrope. She supplicates to be let go but Jay shows no lenience as that guy leaves her tightly fastened and gagged. Great tit punishment. On camera, this chab binds her big pantoons with dark wire and humiliates her further by stuffing her soiled pants into her face hole followed by a cloth wad and red duct tape. Ashley is fastened 3 greater amount times and gives us quite the show as her wish for danger is fulfilled. Porn star Kelly ODell receives her 1st smack of real restraint bondage in 3 scenes of very strict harness. She acquires ballgags, teat clamps, breast tying, crotchropes and some coarse man-handling from her recent slavemaster. She drools, that babe groans, this babe squirms, that babe whimpers, but that babe does not receive loose.

Format: real

Duration: 1:24:39

Video: 640x480, RV40

Audio: 93kbps

Desire For Danger

Desire For Danger

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Desire For Danger