Release Year: 2014

Cast: Siouxsie Q

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Humilation, Hardcore, Fetish, Domination

Video language: English

What is your experience with POWER PLAY?

As lengthy as I can remember, I've had dreams that I knew maybe weren’t considered non-deviant, weren’t your standard conventional sex. Around the time I graduated from college, I read The Story of O and started thinking greater amount realistically about these wants and had a pair maybe dangerous random Craigslist hookups, but then I got involved in the San Francisco PAIN PLAY scene and leather culture and just went from there. As in a short time as I figured out that this was a real thing that I could do I was like Oh! That’s why people are so sexually excited about this kind of sex coz it’s really amazing and not boring.

What part of POWER PLAY and the lifestyle do u like the majority?

It’s the mental aspects. I consider DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION and leather similar to a rules of ethics or a religion. I take it very seriously and, for me, servitude and being a servant is part of my identity in the same way being queer or femme is part of my identity. Also, I’m a businesswoman, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a work-a-holic, so when I receive a chance to truly be in sub euphoria and let it all go and yield, and not have to worry about podcasts and columns and the rest of the world, that’s Heaven for me.

What are u almost all looking forward to doing this day?

I’m just indeed looking forward to the entire thing. As anybody who cant live without this kind of lifestyle, u don’t acquire the opportunity everyday to be in a massive, phat set and have all the toys ever and do an over-the-top dream, which is what we do in this industry. So I’m lascivious to play with all the kewl toys.

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IR - Siouxsie Q - Siouxsie Q‘s Audition - May 30, 2014 - HD

IR - Siouxsie Q - Siouxsie Q‘s Audition - May 30, 2014 - HD

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IR - Siouxsie Q - Siouxsie Q‘s Audition - May 30, 2014 - HD