Release Year: 2015

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation

A hotty with her head sticking out of a barrel probably thinks that this babe knows what kind of punishments and humiliations this babe is about to be subjected to. Jessica Kay solely has her face obtainable, after all, so this babe has to assume that there is merely so much ache and humiliation play that we can inflict on her.
It's astonishing how inexperienced some people can be. Between the hooks, the mouse traps, and a bit greater quantity of Rain DeGrey's specific sauce, Jessica has to be grateful that the solely part of her we've given ourselves access to is her head. Who knows what we would receive up to if we had the chance to work her whole body over? Whatever it is, we'll discover out later, but for now we've got so many ideas for how to paint a look of pain over this beautiful, adult baby canvas.
We even play the electricity game with her. Normally we run our wires to a girl's nipps or clitoris, but for Jessica we've decided the electrodes look just as precious running to the metal bracelets in her throat. She's resistance play to answer our questions around a big, metallic impediment, and each time we aren't gratified the jolt goes right throughout her teeth, a place no person is used to feeling a sting. It's definitely a fresh and unparalleled way to fuck with a slut's head, and one we're nice-looking proud of.

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Duration: 39:02

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RtB - Jan 02, 2015 - Jessica Kay

RtB - Jan 02, 2015 - Jessica Kay

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RtB - Jan 02, 2015 - Jessica Kay