She continues to whip herself hard as i enjoy her torment

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Cuntbusting, Face Slapping, Foot Fetish, Spliting, Feet Licking, Dirty Feet, Lesbians, Domination, Spanking, Pee, Whipping

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As u can all watch, the cheating bitch is indeed soreness by now, and my revenge is becoming greater quantity pleasurable! What can i do to this slag to indeed make her suffer and regret what this babe did? The wench has said me numerous times that that babe is sorry for what that babe did, but i just don't make no doubt of that babe understands how much that babe frustrated me and hurt my feelings when this babe jumped into couch with my paramour!! So, i hand the doxy a flagellate and tell her i desire her to bullwhip herself rough to show me just how sorry that babe feels for betraying my friendship. The floozy begins to lash her back (quite intense truly. I sit comfortable on my daybed as i see her signal whip herself intense and verbally break her down for being a whore! She proceeds to quirt herself raw as i have a fun her ache. I tell her that her efforts are pathetic, no thing.... I tell her that i am board and that if this babe doesn't bullwhip herself harder i will do it myself. The floozy tries harder to impress me striking herself full force shouting out in anguish just now after every jerk off. After 3 minutes i acquire board and take the flog into my own hand and hit her back personally. The wench cries and groans during the time that holding onto the wall for support. I proceed to verbally degrade her and psychologically destroy her. The wench screams out animal training the dom of her voice in suffering! This doesn't stop me. I tell her that i was too crying and shouting when i discovered out that my so called superlatively good ally had drilled my chap in my own ottoman! The whores back is glowing red like a fire engine as i chastise away animalism her with my rough leather lash! Bitches are all the same, all they wana do is fuck! Well i am sure this bitch will think in advance of that babe copulates once more!

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She continues to whip herself hard as i enjoy her torment

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She continues to whip herself hard as i enjoy her torment

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