Awkward Position

22 Oct 2015

Cast: Iris

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Fetish

25 year old Iris is in on what may be her final visit. Let's dig in.We discover Iris putting on manacles, collar, very wide spreader bar and, ultimately, I put a bar betwixt her neck and the spreader bar that her wrists are attached also. She's too sitting in front of a plate that's be drawn onto the floor. In 3 corners we discover the ingredients for spaghetti. One bowl has the pasta, some other has the sauce and one more has the bread. One thing about that sauce bowl, instead of marinara sauce it has hawt salsa. Iris had indicated this babe was a adult baby hungry when this babe came in. So I said her to go fetch all the ingredients and put em jointly on her "plate" where she'll eat it. She complained just now that that babe couldn't do it. That her legs were widen just likewise far. But I knew this babe could. And we watched her. We watched her struggle with it. Did I forget to mention that babe likewise has a 16 lb. bowling ball attached to her neck? She struggled desperately. She was exasperated. She wanted to give up several times. But we shoved her. And that babe lastly managed. She managed to receive 1st the pasta, cold and hardened. She dumped it right in her plate. Then this babe managed to acquire the hawt salsa dumped onto that. I thought that babe was going to drag the bowing ball attached to her neck throughout her "plate" on the way to the bread but that babe managed to avoid that mishap with some additional frustration on her part. Once this babe had the ingredients jointly and on her plate it was time to dig in. Of course, it required great effort for her to just receive into a position to eat the food, but this babe lastly managed. And we see her --right up in her face-- as this babe eats it with her face aperture. Hot salsa getting all over her lips and skin. Burning it. And it's tough eatin' for her. She let us us know right away it is "horrible". Her nose runs, her legs shake from the awkward position and the food looks completely disgusting. Finally, that babe tells me that babe can't eat anymore. So I ask her to bow over and then take a captains daughter to her arse.

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Awkward position

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Awkward position

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