Release Year: 2014

Studio: HardTied

Cast: Penny Barber

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Spanking, Humiliation

Video language: English

How many times have we seen this action from Penny Barber? We've got a scarcely any questions and previous to the restraint bondage and drill have even started that babe has gone into full sassy doxy mode. It's obvious why that babe does it. In her every day life this babe is so hawt it is intimidating. Her marangos, her butt, her smile, they're all the kind that have chaps falling all over themselves to please her. Add in her attitude and they'll give her soever this babe desires.

In the tying world that attitude and banging body acquire her exactly what this babe needs, which is to be put in her place. OT doesn't even bother talking to her during the time that that babe talks and taunts. The rope will say anything that guy craves to.

When that babe is standing a rope around her neck keeps Penny in place for the signal whip. This mouthy adult baby doxy shuts up marvelous quickly when this babe begins to feel that sting. It's a one way ticket to sub euphoria for her. At least the rush of endorphins keeps her quiet for a hardly any minutes. She tries to stay stoic but the tears welling up in her eyes and running down her cheeks tell the full story.

Once that babe is fastened on her back Penny opens up anew. She has all kinds of things to say to OT, trying to taunt him into giving her the wang that babe desires so much. She's earned some time with the celebrator and a sex toy, but not out of the torture of a rod across her booty and feet. Of course this babe wishes to be sassy through the experience, but OT just ignores her and keeps working on her body.

And then comes the part Penny has been dreading all day. Hoods and boxes give her fear. They have the tears flowing down her face afresh and they don't even hurt. But OT has no sympathy. It's important to him that this guy put away his toys when he's done and Penny is just about all used up. He'll be unpacking her once more over in Infernal Restraints pretty soon.

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Duration: 39:03

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HardTied - Pampered Penny Part 1 - Penny Barber - Mar 19, 2014

HardTied - Pampered Penny Part 1 - Penny Barber - Mar 19, 2014

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HardTied - Pampered Penny Part 1 - Penny Barber - Mar 19, 2014