Studio: Bondage Designs

Cast: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, Dominic Wolfe, Tomiko, Samantha Grace

Genres: POWER PLAY, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination

Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound: Five scenes where strong corporate ladies supplicate and plead to be fastened up tightly and massively gagged. Hear the cuties describe exactly how they wish to be fastened and gagged in their own hawt words. Powerful corporate boss lady Gina Rae calls up a dominant worship and wishes to book a session. She explains that that babe craves to be fastened up taut with a lot of rope, actually gagged, and left completely infirm previous to her next meeting.Corporate attorney Kobe Lee calls ally of a ally Gina Rae to hire her to tightly truss and massively gag her during her down time. CEO Samantha Grace needs some stress relief and calls a headmistress worship to receive some much needed restraint bondage. She craves to screech into her gag and roll around until that babe feels more excellent. Boss Lady Tomiko is tired of being ripped off by maitresse services and calls Ginas adoration to inquire about a session. She is very rude and bitchy as this babe complains to Gina and threatens that that babe will not pay a penny until after the session, and solely if Gina can do it right. As the 2 talk, Tomiko confesses that that babe has always had the dream of being gagged with one more womans pants. I will not tell u what happens but, I can say that babe receives double teamed by Gina and crystal. Sexy Secretary Gina Rae wishes to be tied and role play some dream. She calls a local top and explains that this babe craves to be tightly fastened gagged with her own pants and played with in a manor. She explains that that babe doesnt wish the ordinary wimpy tying, or to be left alone during the time that bound. She desires her hair pulled, to be groped, and to be kissed.In all 5 scenes, the ladies talk with their push around about what materials to use for bondage and gagging, so that u can hear their views about tying. These intelligent ladies are the real deal and love tying. Tight restraint bondage and worthy gags and they have no problem discussing it in detail. They tell u why they like it so much and how they like it done to em.

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Duration: 2:00:51

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Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound & Massively Gagged - BondageDesigns

Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound & Massively Gagged - BondageDesigns

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Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound & Massively Gagged - BondageDesigns