Release Year: 2013

Studio: Sexually Broken

Cast: Vicki Chase, Matt Williams

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Hardcore, Fetish, Spanking, Humiliation

Video language: English

Completely orgasmed Out Of Her Mind! Sexually Broken doesn't even come close to describing it!!!

Vicki Chase returns to the pages of Sexually Broken for one of the hottest agonorgasmos overload scenes we have ever discharged. No one, not even Vicki herself, had any idea that babe could could be made to cum so raw and so often.

Completely feeble, fastened so her snatch and face hole can the one and the other be drilled and resting on a custom metal tying piece, Vicki discover herself completely animalism our leniency. We begin with a marital-device directly on her love button. We are going to over sex some other porn star to oblivion.

We make Vicki cum, it's that easy. She tries to stop it, but their is no thing this babe can do but cum. After one particularly heavy, screaming, body-spasming big o we remove the sextoy and pull out the ball gag that fills her face hole. Then we jam a raw wang down her mouth. Dazed from the orgasms, the ramrod easily slips down her face hole.

We fuck Vicki's cute face like no other web page does. We defiance the superlatively good wang suckers in the world with rough skull fucking. They always lose but it's pleasure watching em try. The wang always wins, and the cuties are always left a broken and drooling mess, their eyes staring off to no thing, their brain checked out. A wonderful face hole fucking will fuck up the superlatively good of em, turning em into mindless sex puppets. This is what we do.

So after the heavy orgasms, and the catastrophic skull fucking, Vicki is already in unfathomable bottom space, or cum fed if u will. We move around to the other side and fuck her soaked leaking cookie. Within seconds her body cums afresh and once more. We fuck her raw and all this babe can do is survive. Rough sex animal play it is most excellent and Vicki responds by cuming harder and harder. We have given her Tourette's, all that babe can do now is cum and swear about how heavy this babe is cumming.

We are unrelenting, we fuck her cookie, make her cum, then move around and deeply fuck her face hole. Back and forth, no let up, we run a raunchy gauntlet on her. She is gone, her brain on survival mode. All that babe is capable of understanding animal training this point is that this babe is a vessel for dick and that that babe can't stop cumming.

We stop, add clamps to her teats. Her eyes stare off, drool runs out of her open throat, that babe is sex locked. Now we go to city! We bring in the dildo and Vicki has no thing left to resist. She begins a series of orgasms that cannot be described by words. We over vibrate her to uncountable giant, body jaring orgasms. Orgasms this babe has not at any time encountered previous to. Be prepared to watch somebody left absolutely destroyed by sex, round-the-clock annihilation of the body, soul and mind.

When we lastly stop, Vicki stares animal play the floor, drool running out of an open face hole. Unable to move, blink, or speak, that babe just sits there. Somewhere unfathomable in her brain resides the Vicki we know, however it will be some time in advance of that babe comes back to reality.

WARNING: This update shows raw real non faked intense orgasms that sends the model into unfathomable slave bliss. Be sure to see the end interview for her own words on what just happened!

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SB - Vicki Chase - Completely orgasmed Out Of Her Mind! - January 25, 2013 - HD

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SB - Vicki Chase - Completely orgasmed Out Of Her Mind! - January 25, 2013 - HD