Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: S4

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

After a two-year absence, s4 plugs herself back into the Insex scene.

Classy and nifty in a sleek darksome suit and heels, the 23-year old medical student is quickly immersed in the pre-feed, overspread head to toe in a veiled burka. Belts over the cloth hold her body in a taut, str8 line during the time that that babe lies motionless anticipating the adventures to come.

When the burka is removed, s4 is just now thrown into the next ordeal. Her eyes start to water as she’s tied with arms wrapped around a stick behind her back and legs jointly. In spite of PD’s teasing and torments, s4 endures the harsh tying.

She takes a short “break” seated on a stool with arms pulled high in strappado. Then, on PD’s orders, this babe undresses off her costume. Wrists and ankles are secured in front of her in rough wooden stocks that keep her legs wide open. Locked on one after the other, metal collars weigh down heavily on her tender, skinny neck as that babe suffers on the phat, ribald concrete floor.

Her pants are circumcised off, leaving her recent vagina vulnerably stripped. Squirming and squealing in the stocks, this babe resists the sextoy. But her protestations are futile and that babe comes quickly.

She’s then folded in a naughty tie with back arched and bent legs pulled toward her neck. She can solely escape from this brutal position by begging for her sensitive nipps to be tortured. Sniffing and sobbing that babe suffers untill lastly, overwhelmed with pang, that babe bleats desperately to be freed.

Paying the price for her release, s4 is posed with one more dilemma. Tottering on tiptoe, that babe can merely earn a break for her fastened teats in swap for a shock from the cattle prod.

The punishment proceeds for poor s4 with an electrifying questioning. Locked into a metal chair on her back with legs widen, that babe answers PD’s questions, receiving shocks throughout her nipp and twat when that guy is not gratified. Attacked by a rock hard jolt, that babe loses drill of her bladder and gushes make water everywhere.

Once this babe has mopped up her mess, s4 is lowered down on a marital-device for a ride on a wooden abode. Panting and shaking her head, this babe is overwhelmed with the rough pressure betwixt her splayed legs.

Finally, s4 is thonged down to a chair and rewarded an agonorgasmos for her brave return. After a night animal training Insex that babe has confirmed that there is worse castigation than grad school.

Format: real

Duration: 2:14:52

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

File size: 219.8 MB

Insex - S4 Reloaded (Live Feed From May 25, 2003) - S4

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