Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: Spacegirl, Moonshine

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Interlude is the edited footage of a live feed with Spacegirl and Moonshine, discharged in 3 segments, July 12, 2003.

The 1st half of Interlude explores the imago and predicament of lengthy term containment.

The second half follows Moonshine into the barn for heavy tying, torture, and joy.

It starts with 2 gals nude on a mattress, handcuffed to the wall. One wears a solid metal hood. The other wears a intense metal head cage. The one wearing the metal hood investigates it is immutable surface with her hands, as though trying to understand it. The 2 beauties touch one one more. They hold hands, seeking comfort in this strange circumstance where they await and await.

Upon a mantel rests a skull and suffering devices, perhaps portraying the course of things to come. Then we watch a metal container. The doors are opened to disclose 2 cuties packed side by side within, separated by a metal grid.

Once the hoods are removed, Spacegirl and Moonshine sit, awaiting. Time is the enemy. It eats into muscle, into the mind. The container is turned on it is side so that now they are stacked, one above the other. They re-position, their exposed juvenile flesh stark inside so much metal. Metal plates are removed from the side and every girl’s head is pulled out and bracketed in place.

Spacegirl is slapped in the face repeatedly. They are one as well as the other gagged. The metal grid is heavy on knees. Pain mounts in miniature increments. Clothespins are placed on tongues, ear lobes, and the septa of their noses. They expect. Now time is . Drool oozes into the hair of the one underneath. The gals aid one one more, finding a way to remove the clothespins. But with the clothespins gone, the pang of their position becomes paramount. Their torture rises.

The gags are removed. More face slapping. But a fondle here and there betwixt the slaps creates compliance, willingness. The metal plates are unscrewed. They recoil into their containment, worn down by captivity.

The second part takes place in the barn. Moonshine is thonged onto a chair. A constricted dark leather hood conforms to her face. She has merely a diminutive aperture throughout which to breathe, rocking with every breath as though it is a struggle.

His shadow darkens her form as this guy . He caresses, kisses, plays with her marangos. Her feet are raised to the front corners of the seat and thonged in place, so that her knees are up and separated.

When the hood is removed, a clear plastic bag, loosely fitted to the head and neck, is put in place. The plastic fogs from the moisture of her breath. A marital-device goes inside of her, it is shiny dark surface setting off her many dangling labia rings. Clamps pinch her nipps. He flogs her cunt. Cord is looped though her labia rings and fastened off around the protruding base of the sex tool to keep it in place.

The clear hood is replaced by the constricted dark leather hood, every lace pulled to meld it to her face. The hood creates the sense that her head is an representation rather than a living thing. Her hands, pinioned jointly by the enormous leather thong, make worried movements. She holds em jointly as though in prayer. And the whipping starts anew. Her skin goes red from the welts about her muff. Her breast is mottled by the lash. The Eroscillator appears. The maw of her bawdy cleft spreads from passion, ringed by labial jewelry. When that babe is unable to come by the time this guy counts backwards from ten, this guy turns off the marital-device and leaves.

Then this babe is standing, legs widen, arms fastened back. The high collar on her neck keeps her chin up. One leg is bound to the beam behind her, perpendicular to her body. He shocks the sub of her foot with a cattle prod that looks for all the world like the Devil’s fork. The dildo returns, but a rod appears too. He uses em jointly. She screams and cries. He kisses her. She looks shell-shocked, her bright red breast like a neon sign.

She lastly comes, her face a mixture of and suffering.

Format: real

Duration: 1:31:00

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Interlude (Live Feed From July 13, 2003) - Spacegirl, Moonshine

Insex - Interlude (Live Feed From July 13, 2003) - Spacegirl, Moonshine

Insex - Interlude (Live Feed From July 13, 2003) - Spacegirl, Moonshine

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Insex - Interlude (Live Feed From July 13, 2003) - Spacegirl, Moonshine