Insex - Electric Fantasy - Skythe, 202

Release Year: 2003

Cast: Skythe, 202

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Skythe returns in an article filled with predicament tying and the zing of electricity. She starts undressed, her arms fastened behind. Her left ankle and toe are bound to a very tightly ballooned left breast. Her right leg is lifted, pulling her off balance and the rope is run throughout a pulley and fastened to her other breast, so constricted it looks to pop.

The black skin of her fleshy labia sets off her genitals from her lighter complexion, making the internal skin of her love button appear doubly pink. He packs her face hole with cloth until this babe chokes, her cheeks fattened like a chipmunk. A rod aims for the back of her haunch, zeroing in on her “sweet spot,” then shoving her wet crack and rapping her toes. Her distended melons gleam, the areolas of her teats shiny, widening like spilled wine from her tight teats.

A darksome marital-device pushes into her love tunnel, her darksome labia giving a kiss the shiny fake penis. He vibrates her to spunk fountain, fluid squirting out of her, pooling about her a-hole. She is tied in a sitting position, her hands in dark leather mitts, her arms belted behind her with leather. The ankles are belted jointly crossed. He tells her to move over to her fur pie spot. She slips an inch animal play a time.

A not many zaps from the cattle prod encourages her. Both pantoons are fastened off with rubber tubing, achieving maximum compression. Her ankles are tied into suspension belts. As that babe is lifted from the floor, we can watch the wide, darksome smear of her genitals. A short length of PVC pipe is bound into her throat, making it a round aperture. Her milk cans are stretched downward and bound to her hair. Mr. Pogo plunges inside of her and is bound to a piece of tubing going from knee to knee so that it stays in place. The sex toy targets her love button anew. She twists her body in the air, reacting to the simultaneous application of the sex tool and the cattle prod.

She is fastened in dark leather thongs, her torso practically fused to her haunches by the belting. Her arms are tied behind her. A leather thong is buckled into her throat. Her wrists are raised and attached to the belt in her throat. She can barely move. He spanks her and zaps her with the cattle prod, electricity snapping with every touch. He makes full use of the rod on her haunches and feet. Her face blazes as red as her muff. Lying on her side, a shiny trail of fluid leaks from her love tunnel.

Format: real

Duration: 47:18

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Electric Fantasy - Skythe, 202

Insex - Electric Fantasy - Skythe, 202

Insex - Electric Fantasy - Skythe, 202

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Insex - Electric Fantasy - Skythe, 202