Release Year: 2004

Cast: 1203

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Brimming with energy, even ropes can't hold this gal down. Clad in curve-hugging exercise attire, 1203 twists and turns on the ground attempting to escape PD's ties. In this feed that babe receives a thorough workout, Insex style.

After managing to wriggle out of her restraint bondage, the youthful vixen is retied even tighter. Ample meatballs squeezed betwixt a branch and the table, she's not going anywhere anytime pretty soon. A tennis ball shoved behind her pouty lips makes her screams inaudible as billibongs are attacked by the rod.

With a bawdy sock filling her throat and posture collar restricting air, 1203 is willing to acquire some exercise. She jogs with a plastic bag over her head, does a scarcely any sets of squats, and walks in a stupid waddle with one haunch fastened to her breast.

In need of some rest and rehydration, that babe is locked into a diminutive cage. For the next hour and a half, water is funneled throughout a catheter into her throat.

Pumped full with water, 1203 endures a foot beating whilst still in the cage. Silenced with a sock gag, four shocks with the electric pig prod encourage her not to complain when the rod is used afresh.

Surrounded in a metal breast cram, her mounds swell into 2 purple orbs. Harsh metallic restraining neck, wrists, and ankles, this babe is manacled down to a metal stool, impaled on a sex-toy. PD interrogates her in this feeble state, delivering shocks to her anus and swollen teats if this guy does not approve of her answers. Answering honestly, 1203’'s wide eyes plead as that babe is zapped repeatedly. As a award for the truthful responses, PD uses the sex toy to settle her.

Released from the stool, 1203 is secured in wooden stocks with head and wrists held immobile and legs widen and locked animal training the ankles. Offered up so nicely, her backside is given a nice striking with the signal whip, captains daughter o'nines, and floggers and canes of varying intensity. Moaning quietly, this babe tries to absorb the ache. When it is over, her gazoo is welted with rod stripes and a road map of bullwhip marks decorates her reddened back. Body bruised, her spirits remain high. It’'d take a lot greater quantity to break this one.

Format: real

Duration: 1:36:01

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Insex - Piglet Live (Live Feed From April 6, 2002) - 1203

Insex - Piglet Live (Live Feed From April 6, 2002) - 1203

Insex - Piglet Live (Live Feed From April 6, 2002) - 1203

File size: 518.7 MB

Insex - Piglet Live (Live Feed From April 6, 2002) - 1203