Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

Release Year: 2002

Cast: 411

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Day Three of 411's forty-eight hour feed starts with 411 looking sleepy. She sits in the chair, in natures garb. The purple bruising on her love bubbles are clear reminders of what has gone in advance of. Her twat is sleepy likewise, a thin, relaxed disrobe of flesh.

After sponging herself clean, having her morning urinate, and applying her make-up, 411 is one time greater quantity thonged to the chair. This time it has been configured into the position of a gynecological chair, though for her, thongs have been added to assure full compliance.

What continues next is her morning shit, a half hour lengthy enema scene that starts with the insertion of an inflatable booty plug that will feed liquid into her bowel. She groans with the insertion and inflation of the plug, in obvious aversion. As the enema bag empties, her abdomen inflates, distended from all the liquid. Fluid starts to spurt out around the plug, so the plug is removed. But she's instructed to hold it. Even so, some water squirts out of her gazoo.

She is said to allow it to come out. But then said to stop. This goes on, with her having to marshal all her effort to subjugate the shoot out of fluid. As the fluid starts to take on a murky brown appearance, this guy pokes on her abdomen. 411's humiliation is clear. After all the piercing and soreness of her 2 prior days, that babe says this is the worst thing ever. As solid masses start to peek out her wazoo, that babe too pees, adding greater amount color to the scene.

Now that that babe has been relieved of excess baggage, her position is changed. The chair back is shoved forward to an erect position. Her wrists are manacled to the chair arms and her ankles chained to the forward legs of the chair. A pan of sexy coals is placed below her seat. Her body is painted with oil, the paint brush slathering oil about her pubic area. Her muff has awakened. It appears as a round fleshy mass with a erect fold. Her body shimmers with oil. She starts to squirm, her butt and snatch glowing red from the heat. The metal rungs of the chair conduct greater amount heat. She can hardly lift herself from the seat. Her cum-hole swells, hanging loose and open. She piddles on the charcoal. (Pissing may well be 411's response to nearly anything The charcoal hisses and sputters, going to steam.

The coup de grâce of the three-day event is a huge hitting scene. She kneels upon the seat of the chair, bent over so that her wazoo and haunches are prominently displayed. Her ankles are chained as are her wrists. Her head, upside down, is locked into stocks under the level of her knees. The hitting starts on her left foot, one blow animal training a time. But pretty soon, this babe sustains a rain of blows on calves and hips. Before lengthy, her left haunch and arse show a laddering of welts. 411 absorbs the waves, processing, rocking as a way to dispel the bursts of ache. The rod starts on the right foot. From this angle, we can watch her foot being caned and her face animal training the same time, seeing the immediate affect and her method of accepting the pang, breathing throughout it. The smack of the rod resounds.

She takes blow after blow out of much sound. 411 appears to be locked in a continual wash of pang as the blows fall out of a break. Her haunches and arse are a mass of red and purple stripes. The rod shreds her. As that guy starts to talk of finishing up, saying that that guy is pleasured, that babe says (remarkably) that this babe can take greater amount! What a greedy suffering bitch! He tries different instruments on her, bringing out a very hefty rod, bigger than the woody. She emits the loudest sound so far, but hardly a full-fledged screech. It raises an immediate bubble of a welt as her booty swells. She says this babe can't judge betwixt strokes anymore. The carnage of her a-hole and haunches appears as no thing but line after line of deeply colored welts, many embedded within prior welts.

She sits gingerly afterwards, subdued. At the end, we watch the 411 sparkle afresh, as though this babe is waking up.

Format: real

Duration: 1:10:09

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

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Insex - 411 3rd Day in the Chair - Live Feed From May 19, 2002 - RAW

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