Release Year: 1985

Cast: Saeko Kizuki - Ikeda, Miyoko; Kojiro Kusanagi - Yokozawa, Keiji; Takashi Obara - Uchiyama, Hajime; Reiko Sai - Takahashi, Yukiko; Hiroshi Tamura - Takahashi, Yûichi


Video language: English

The plot of "Woman in the Box:Virgin Sacrifice" is very simple.A youthful virgin played by Kizuki Saeko is captured by aberrant couple.The gal is quickly subjected to raunchy suffering and abuse.She is likewise locked in the wood box.Excessively raging Nikkatsu pink film loaded with lots of sex and misogynistic mayhem.The film was written by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu,the director of craziest "Entrails of a Virgin" and "Entrails of a Beautiful Woman".The thin story is mainly an excuse to show tons of sleaze including sado-sexual violence and .Unfortunately my copy of this film is heavily censored optically,so I didn't have a fun this obnoxious piece of foul as much as I wanted.A must-see for curious fans of Japanese exploitation,but I think that "Captured for Sex 2" is more good.

Format: avi

Duration: 1:21:57

Video: 512x384, XviD, 1020kbps

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Hako no naka no onna

Hako no naka no onna

Hako no naka no onna

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Hako no naka no onna

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