Insex - 912 - Live Feed From September 27, 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: 912

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

She starts belted to a chair, as though prepped for an electrocution. She wears a red sweater, red pants, red heels and matching red fingernails. The belts above and beneath her well-endowed zeppelins accentuate their predominance. As this babe is interrogated by PD and the chat, that babe admits to being a priceless cock-sucker.

A thick, wide collar is belted onto her neck. Her breathing becomes labored. Scissors circumcised tiny openings animal play every teat. Her dismay escalates quickly. Electrodes are fucked down upon every well-endowed teat. Her petticoat is circumcised off and her pants stuffed into her “face hole”. The twat of her love tunnel shows the thin edge of her inward lips. This will change as her passion builds.

Scissor jacks bite onto the electrodes animalism either nipp. As that babe is interrogated and shocked, this babe cries out of reserve, as though terrified. Tears fall. The scene becomes a type of confessional, with retribution for past sins.

The sweater is circumcised off. So is her brassiere. Her big scones are firm, no sagging. They are slapped, punished. Rubber bands are twisted onto the base and snapped against the stretched skin. Fingers pull animalism her cunt. White tape seals the sub of her face. He flips her mambos with rubber bands, with skewers. The same treatment is given her foaming wet crack. The extremely colored welts seep . Her groans, sobs, and pleas appear to be to incite him to do greater quantity. Her labia are now greater quantity like a flower, folded, willing to burst into bloom. Drool bubbles from her throat, dribbling down her chin. A cigarette is used on her teats and cookie. More tears. More crying.

He has her kneel on the chair, her ample wobblers draping over the chair back. They are bound to it. Small chunks of flesh have been flayed from the nipps. Her head is pulled backward, collapsing her mouth. Her legs are widen and bound to the chair arms. A fake penis plunges into her slit. White, frothy lube surrounds the gap. Mr. Pogo is braced against the floor and that babe is said to fuck the fake penis. The woody goes to work on her scones, beating with a vengeance. Then her feet, her butt. The welts rise. The nipps are brutalized. Her arse is rippled with welts. Snot and tears pour from her face. Purple ladder marks from the rod line her swollen double D cups.

She is stood up and drawn high into the air by her wobblers, her feet dangling. Then this babe is set down on the sharp edge of a device created for one thing, to gnaw the clitoris. Buckets are bound to her toes and rocks are dropped in one by one. More striking. She cries and weeps. Her purple meatballs welt up. In desperation that babe suggests to engulf his rod if he’ll take her down. She’d take it into her mouth. In response, that guy canes her feet. She shivers and quakes.

Format: real

Duration: 1:36:11

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - 912 - Live Feed From September 27, 2003

Insex - 912 - Live Feed From September 27, 2003

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Insex - 912 - Live Feed From September 27, 2003

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