Cast: London River and Darling

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Blowjob, Big Dick, Big Tits, Black Cock, Deep Throat, IR

Video language: English

In one corner of a indecent old a golden-haired breasty fuckpuppet restrained onto a fucking machine and hidden underneath a gas cover languishes. On the other end of the barn is a second dark brown fuckpuppet, fastened and pumped up into a wooden wall like a flesh sculpture. On one side of the wall her shiny sweat overspread face is nude, on the other her thin tan haunches and bald smooth cunt jut out. This barn is just full of surprises…

Surprises such as the giant darksome ramrod that happens to wander by and makes full use of the brunette’s throat gap. Her already dazed expression glasses over as the drool gushes out of her face cum-hole. London loses it the further this babe is shoved, indeed becoming no thing greater amount then a throat and cunt pumped up into a wall. All the whilst the orgasmic shrieks of the large titted blond echo off the barn rafters as the fucking machine pounds away.

A second rod is added into the mix to complete the 24/7 destruction of London. She dissolves into a mess of sweat and sex and drool as this babe is taken from one as well as the other ends. The lights are on but nobody is home. This fuckpuppet is reduced to a pure animalistic state of sensation and greedy holes. The endless orgasms that are slammed out of her toned body make her brains dissolve. That is priceless by us, it wasn't like that babe was using em in any case.

One can’t assist what other surprises this barn might contain. We should go explore and discover out...

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London River and Darling tag team!

London River and Darling tag team!

London River and Darling tag team!

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London River and Darling tag team!