Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: 202, 426

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, soreness, Realtime Show

Video language: English

202 takes on tortures ancient and modern in her debut live feed. Tied into a chair, the elegantly attired 21 year-old is presented to the members animal training the begin of a three-hour lengthy pre-show. Unable to leave her alone for lengthy, PD and Matt start tormenting her within minutes, poking a gag in her face hole and controlling her breath with a plastic bag.

Dragging her onto the floor, Matt handles 202 roughly, groping her, pulling her hair, and stepping on her as that babe lies prone. Bent into a wrist and ankle bondage, this babe wriggles and rocks to manoeuvre a shackle across the floor, encouraged by the cattle prod's jolts.

Supported from above, this babe is pulled into a unfathomable arch. PD suggests some allowing her to rest her head betwixt his legs. Thrusting a sex tool into her throat, Matt gives a lesson in cock-sucking. Granted a short break, this babe is allowed to eat off the floor during the time that still fastened.

Pulled into a stand, this babe is wobble in tall high heels, hands affixed overhead. After her ally 426 is locked into a cage to see the show, 202 is striped with the bullwhip.

Next a cangue is locked around her neck and wrists. On tiptoe, this babe balances the enormous wood on her shoulders as her suit is nude off. Matt and PD team up, striking her simultaneously whilst that babe bares her burden.

Bent animal play the waist, that babe is filled with an arse hook. Her open throat is the target for ping-pong balls and a squirt gun. PD gives some attention to her other side after, caning it with a paddle untill it's bright red.

He proceeds to work on her backside, pummeling it with the elephant trunk and making her entreat for greater amount. Stripping off her corset, this guy pulls her into a standing position and singletails her front, aiming for her in natures garb muff and voluptuous milk sacks.

Belted down to a pipe chair, this babe is primed for her questioning with clamps squeezing her teats tight and a stim plugging her pussy. Delving into 202's past, PD inquires about her raunchy exploits and drug use, administer punishing shocks in proportion to her crimes. Gasping and sobbing, 202 bleats out her responses and shrieks animalism the shocking results. She is rewarded with an agonorgasmos for her honesty.

Suspended with one leg dangling, that babe hangs helplessly during the time that Mr. Pogo permeates her fur pie and face hole and weights are strung on nipp clamps.

Next, that babe is tied on her belly to a couch of boards to be familiarized with the rod. She can barely flinch as the wood comes down against her smooth skin.

In her last scene 202 is spread-eagled on a metal daybed. Opened and vulnerable with leather hugging her face and waist, this babe is awarded an big o for superior obedience.

Format: real

Duration: 2:30:19

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Cangue (Live Feed From April 26, 2003)

Insex - Cangue (Live Feed From April 26, 2003)

Insex - Cangue (Live Feed From April 26, 2003)

Insex - Cangue (Live Feed From April 26, 2003)

File size: 244.9 MB

Insex - Cangue (Live Feed From April 26, 2003)