Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: 43, 202

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, punishment, Realtime Show

Video language: English

43 Is clearly a very experienced and determined female who in fact faced her fears and went 20 or 30 additional miles for the members.

The pre-feed was an especially active one, with lots of fondling, very taut tying (including an grievous wrist and ankle bondage, an exceedingly restrictive collar, and even an eroscillator application (during which that babe fought like erebus not to come, as that babe didn’t have consent. Mr. Pogo was held out by Matt, and despite being firmly hogtied that babe eagerly took it in her orall-service cavity and showed her superlatively good oral-sex technique. Amazingly, her angel and composure stayed intact through.

During the general feed she’s been subjected to face tying and an torturous nose punishment which brought her to tears. Then this babe was thonged in Hirsute and ensured a maximum a anguished questioning. The electricity clearly frightened her (as, as this babe told later, brought back difficult memories), but this babe persevered. Next was the "Tower of Torment" where that babe was handcuffed atop a wooden pillar with an bum hook connected to her lengthy bushy hair. Pap squeezes with severe weights were applied. This was a difficult position even by PD’s estimation. PD then went to work on her legs and butt cheeks with a rod and paddle.

After a meal break (banana and a chocolate bar), 43 moved on to the Asshole Swing of Terror, a fresh Insex device. This is a wooden square with a aperture circumcised in it, suspended by four chains. 43 was placed in the cavity, with her arms and legs above the board and the rest of her below it, exposing her arse and slit (and the soles of her feet) to some single-tailing, whipping and thrashing directly on her snatch. This brought her to tears another time. Still suspended, that babe spent a scarcely any minutes with a fuck machine whilst PD worked on her gazoo with the rod. Mr. E then stimulated her and brought her very close to big o. (There was some disagreement over whether or not this babe came – Violet thought that babe didn’t and several members thought that babe did. But it was pointed out that Violet is on all occasions right.) After Mr. E the machine was left on a adult baby longer and that babe came very close to coming (one greater amount time?), but the machinery was shut off just a adult baby also presently.

Next, 43′s lengthy, unshaved hair was put to amazing use with a partial suspension, pulling her up on her toes which were handcuffed to the floor. PD caned her on her toes and servant. More shouting. (In an swap with PD, 43 mentioned that her solely previous practice with the rod was during penalty scenes, so perhaps it had an emotional thud similar to the electricity.)

The final scene was the Nightmare Rack of Pleasure. PD, responding to member requests, devised a very merciless double-stock arrangement with 43′s head and hands in the master harness and her feet in the a-hole. (Note that this admitted stretching with no risk of shoulder dislocation or nerve harm, though it need to have been quite harsh on 43′s beautiful, lengthy neck.) Once stretched, PD tortured her feet with skewers with a short time previous to ending the feed, as that babe had clearly had adequate.

In closing, I’d like to point out that through the feed 43 remained cooperative, observant and glad. (Well, this babe did lie one time during the examination, but copped to it out of delay.) Although not a newbie to PAIN PLAY, this was her 1st Insex practice. She obviously satisfied the tying, and was constantly trying to aid PD and Matt as they tormented her. She listened to the member’s comments (when not otherwise preoccupied), and on all occasions had a smile in readiness. In short, this babe was the kind of slave that dom/mes fantasy about. The entire feed continued 2 hrs 45 min, plus the 3 hour pre-feed.

43, I crave to extend my warmest salute and a thank u on behalf of all of us members. Given the greatly active pre-feed, I think u in fact merit credit for a 5 3/4 hour feed. Your hotty, fortitude, and grace will be fondly remembered, and I hope u make many return trips.

(It should be mentioned that the enchanting 202 was looking on from a cage during the whole show (not the pre-feed), so this babe can acquire a smack of what may come.)

Format: real

Duration: 1:52:36

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Butt Swing of Terror (Live Feed From April 5, 2003)

File size: 183.7 MB

Insex - Butt Swing of Terror (Live Feed From April 5, 2003)