Studio: Jayedwards

Petite, French-accented Simone (Tami) has arrived in place of Jays regular female house slave and that guy leaves her to dust during the time that this guy goes to work. Wrong thing to do coz the pont of time he is gone that babe goes to work trying to break into his computer. Unfortunately for Simone, Jay forgot his briefcase and returns, solely to find Simone in the action. Outraged, Jay grabs the mystery female servant and hogties her there on the desk. He craves to know who that babe indeed is. Simone claims innocence, even as that guy grabs and squeezes her large milk sacks and shoves a panel-ballgag into her face hole. More persuasion is needed so Simone is taken to the basement. Jay tugs the wayward maids titties totally out of her dom, then pulls off her pants and ballgags her. Pulling her arms up and leashing her neck to her knees, Jay puts her in a severe elbows-together strappado. Nipple clamps and a red cat o nine tails add to her torture. In heels, pantyhose and garter thong, Simones curvy body is tightly wrapped in wire cord -- her meatballs strangled with the harsh wire. Her crotch binding is hoisted out in front of her, her thighs out and upward. This position allows Jays flog 24/7 access to her flesh. Now lying face-up on a beam, a tape gag with lots of mouth-packing muffles Simones sobs as Jay manhandles her vulnerable body. Nipple clamps send tears running down her soft cheeks. Next, Jays captive struggles throughout a very strict post-tie. After changing her gag and clamping her pert teats, Jay hauls up her ankles until her whole body is suspended on the post. Wont that babe ever tell him what this chab craves to know? Bound into some other tough standing position, Simone has lastly had sufficiently. Jay removes the clamps and gag and that babe confesses her secret identity, assured that that babe will be given away. But Jay has a not many greater quantity surprises for poor Simone. Next, ravishing Eve sits tied in a chair, her elbows-together predicament made much greater quantity difficult by a hoisted crotchrope. A strenuous elbows-together strappado follows, allowing Jays hands and lash 24/7 access to her rosy wazoo. Bambi is tied face-up on the horse, squealing as Jay uses a leather slapper on her bazookas, hips and vagina. Seated with her ankles suspended wide apart, Bambi endures large nipp clamps and a panel-ballgag. Cranking up the winch, Jay suspends the squirming brunette hair, then uses his flog all over her lazily spinning body. Bambis last tying is a tough post-tie featuring bracelets and chains, complete with wicked clamps nibbling animal training her boobs.

Format: real

Duration: 1:22:43

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

French Maid Connection

French Maid Connection

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French Maid Connection