Release Year: 2015

Genres: POWER PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Squirt

When we receive started on Nikki Darling that babe thinks that we are going heavy. We start by attaching nipp clamps, then restraint bondage em off to the floor, pulling her arms up into a strappado and brutally striking her. We can forgive her for thinking that this is the intensity that that babe can await from us. But to us it is a warm up. We have the recipe for a flawless restraint bondage experience and step one is to treat her conforming level of play as a casual warm up.
We let her simmer there for a during the time that. Her face hole is taped shut but we can watch her mind working behind her eyes. She desires to ask what we're planning. She wishes to know if things are going to receive worse. Nikki has come to us previous to to acquire her domination and corporal drilling fix, so this babe knows we like to ramp things up, but normally things begin off so much greater amount gently, and that babe thought this was going to work just like final time. Now that babe doesn't know what to think, and with the way we've got her face hole plugged up that babe won't be asking any questions or talking back, either.
Being bent over was bad, but being bent backwards is so much worse. It stretches her limbs, cracks her back, and leaves her stripped to the onslaught of painful punishments that we've devised. We have 3 different ways of contorting her into the back bridge. The 1st is probably the easiest, the final is definitely the almost any heartless. We set her up on the fucking machine for that one, so whilst this babe is chained into place all this babe wishes to do is buck and fuck, trying desperately to cum during the time that we whip her mounds.

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IR - Jul 31, 2015 - Nikki Darling