Knocked Out Tied Up 20

Studio: Anton Productions

Nina, looking completely sexy in constricted dominant and dark leather panties, enters her home and walks into her worst nightmare. An intruder with a stocking over his head has broken into the abode and is expecting for her. He lunges animalism her and, wearing gloves, this guy holds a moist rag over her nose and face hole until this babe can struggle no greater amount and her body goes flabby in his arms. Once Nina is , the villain sits her on the sofa and caresses her. He lifts up her master to squeeze her pliant wobblers. When Nina wakes up, that guy silences her by holding his gloved hand over her face hole. He keeps it there until that babe passes out afresh from lack of oxygen. When Nina wakes up, this babe has been fastened up in her own living room! The bad lad gags her with duct tape and leaves her to fight with the ropes for a during the time that. Nina struggles for a whilst then removes her shoes and hops over to a phone. But this babe hears the villain coming and gives up. He returns and threatens her afresh. Left alone for a during the time that, Nina manages to untie herself. But the creep catches her in advance of that babe has a chance to run. He pins her down on the sofa and pinches her nose (she is still gagged so this babe cant breathe throughout her throat until her eyes roll and that babe passes out anew. Darby and Alicia are hot sorority cuties from rival colleges. Darby claims that babe craves to end the rivalry. But this babe has a hidden agenda. When Alicia turns around, Darby pulls out a juicy cloth and holds it over Alicias face hole until her eyes flutter and that babe passes out. Darby starts to tie her up whilst this babe is . Alicia wakes up, still disoriented, and Darby cleave gags her to silence her protests. Then, Darby takes pics of the tied chick. She yanks down her brassiere to expose her pointer sisters. Later on, left alone, Alicia frees herself and acquires clothed. Alicia sneaks up on Darby and hits her over the head with a club, sending her crashing to the floor. When Darby wakes up, Alicia has her bound up, her throat gagged with duct tape. Alicia exposes Darbys meatballs. She then drags her to the laundry room and leaves her there to suffer. Alicias ally Jack discovers Darby bound up and demands answers from Alicia. Alicia tells him how Darby her earlier, showing him the cloth that Darby used. Jack uses the cloth to Alicia! She is horrified and fights rough. But in a short time, her eyes roll around and this babe becomes weaker and weaker until this babe passes out. Soon, one as well as the other gals discover themselves bare down to pants and socks, fastened up and ball gagged on the sofa! They squirm around and struggle to break free to no avail. Nina, wearing just pants talks on the phone, telling her ally that this babe has just been hired as a security guard animal play the mall. Meanwhile, the villainous Mr. Sinclair has a plan to rob the mall. Nina dresses for work in her security uniform. Once clothed, that babe is ambushed by Sinclair, who is wearing gloves has a stocking over his head. Nina struggles rough animalism 1st until the weakens her, causing her eyes to flutter and her body to go flaccid until lastly that babe falls . Sinclair drags her to the bed where this guy gropes her throughout her clothing for a during the time that. Then, that guy drags her to the couch. When Nina wakes up, that babe has been securely tied and gagged with duct tape! She puts up quite a struggle, rolling around on the daybed and sticking her nyloned feet in the air but that babe can not receive loose. Sinclair returns, removes her blouse and plays with her flexible breasts. Nina squirms and protests throughout her gag but Sinclair proceeds to cruelly manhandle her. He pulls off her petticoat leaving her in no thing but her hose and stuffs her in the closet. Nina whimpers and cries, knowing that babe can not escape.

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Duration: 1:41:45

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Knocked Out Tied Up 20

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Knocked Out Tied Up 20