Release Year: 2011

Studio: FetishNation


Video language: English

Destiny Porter joins us this week, this hawt MOTHER ID LIKE TO FUCK comes direct to us from unfathomable in the Midwest. It’s always been a raunchy fantasy of Destiny’s to acquire involved in the bondage/BDSM scene. Bound orgasms and being taken domineer of are tops on her list of raunchy dreams. Today all that would change, from dream to reality. Destiny walks throughout the door with a large smile on her face, the anticipation of being tied and brought to big o has her all smiles and very juicy. This is not solely Destiny’s 1st tying discharge, but her 1st time in tying. We talk, I explain what‘s going to happen to her in detail, she's all smiles and avid to acquire started. I’ve always wanted to be fastened up and dominated that babe tells me ever since I can remember. I’m very raunchy, but I’ve at no time discovered anyone that would play that game with me. I live in a very tiny city.
Destiny is excellent, responsive, raunchy and very present. She longed to be domed and this was her chance. She would look up animal play me with her large green eyes and say “Yes Sir” and mean it with all her heart. This was her dream come true. Her orgasm’s were epic, stronger, harder and greater quantity of em than any other time in her life. Grab the back of her hair and tell her what to do and that babe was juicy. Destiny smiled and purred like a kitten when in restraint bondage and came like a whore in heat when this babe orgasm'd.
The reality of tying for Destiny was even more excellent than the dream. Now animal training least she’s had a smack of what she’s always wanted.

Total size: 580.3 MB in 4 files.

Destiny Porter June 3, 2011, Her Destiny