Studio: Hogcuffed

In this series Lola is animal play her desk when there is a knock animal training the door. To her surprise it is Warden Bruno. He had the day off and decided to come and visit. Lola tells him about her day and that things have been getting so busy that that babe is interviewing guards to hire for greater quantity aid. Before lengthy Warden Bruno has her cuffed behind her back, on her knees, engulfing his wang. Before lengthy they are interrupted by Tony telling Lola that the 1st guard for an interview is there. Bruno takes her bracelets off and they tell Tony to send her end. Tony leaves and comes back with Anna Belle. She meets and shakes hands with everybody and then sits down for the interview. After some talking it is decided Anna Belle needs to demonstrate some of her skills. Warden Lola tells Tony to and receive a prison, but Bruno has a more good idea. He thinks they should use Lola for the demos. Lola doesnt desire to, but Bruno is her boss. Before Lola knows this babe is on the ground and hogcuffed by Anna Belle. She thinks this is the end, but Tony and Bruno talk about what Anna Belle needs to learn and demonstrate next. They have Anna Belle acquire Lola up and take her to a search table.

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Warden Lola Interviews New Guard Part 1

Warden Lola Interviews New Guard Part 1

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Warden Lola Interviews New Guard Part 1