Played 101S 48 Hours Live Feed Day 2 Raw 101 Cherry

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Though 101 perseveres throughout many punishments and trials in the second day of her Extreme Feed, her greatest test is one of endurance. Day number 2 is a succession of long ordeals separated by periods of severe confinement. She starts her day lying in a lengthy coffin-like cage.101s 1st ordeal is a series of rigorous calisthenics during which her generous milk shakes become a focal feature as they bounce and swing. Mistakes in counting or procedure result in rod strokes. During the push-ups, tacks are placed erect on the floor under the droop of her bumpers. Leg lifts get to be accomplished with her legs widen so that we have a fun a full view of 101s soaked pussy.Then comes feeding. Her elbows are wrenched behind and held in place with a leather thong. Wrists, ankles, and knees are too belted. She lies flat to the floor. A bowl of food is placed nearby. She worms her way toward it. The gooey gruel sticks to her cheeks and chin. Then water is poured into her bowl. She sucks and laps it up. Afterward, this babe is locked into a miniature cage where that babe sits, her knees practically animal play her chin.Time passes. She is given away in order to void urine into the same bowl from which this babe ate. Urine pours from betwixt her labia, splashing outward. 101 have to take up with the tongue each drop from the floor as torment for sloppiness.An extended ordeal follows in which 101 is beneath the push around of a female Dominant. 101 is fastened and put on her knees. The spider gag is fitted into her face hole. 101 is drilled in the face hole with a fake penis in restraint. She is then belted to a platform upon her back, her legs splayed and raised upward. She is douched throughout the use of a catheter, made to from her own cum-hole. Drips of water slide out, running into her butt. 101 is then bent over the platform and drilled from behind with that large female dick. From below, we can watch the opening and closing of her labia as the marital-device spears her over and over. An booty plug is inserted and that babe is screwed afresh, her fastened milk sacks dangling, swaying in time with the pounding she is taking animalism the rear. The Dominant sits on a chair, ing wine and fucking 101 with the lengthy heel of her boot. To finish the scene, 101 is fastened onto her back once more, her legs splayed wide. She endures 2 labia piercings. Afterward, an electric prod is touched to the needles imbedded in her flesh. 101 screams and cries. The scene ends with a view of her distended clit, red, swollen, her outer labia skewered with needles.

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Played 101S 48 Hours Live Feed Day 2 Raw 101 Cherry

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Played 101S 48 Hours Live Feed Day 2 Raw 101 Cherry