Lystra In Suck

12 Jun 2015

Studio: Ir

Cast: Lystra

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Torture

Video language: English

The day's over, and it's not quite time to go home. I feel like I've been relieved of smth once more this voyage. Everytime I come here, there's usually a session or 2 that is greater amount hard than the others, and I feel cleansed afterward. Usually it has to do with some type of psychological trauma, some type of major anxiety. They defiance me here though, and coax me to face my fears, and I feel like I actually do end up facing myself ultimately, and it's a precious feeling. It's smth therapy at no time could do, but it's interesting about this world, it suggests smth so extraordinary, so out of the usual, it allows u to be anybody for a pont of time. It greater quantity than everything, relieves u. And for me, allows me to actually trust people anew, for a adult baby during the time that animalism least. I can't await to come back for some other session! Download and have a fun!

Format: real

Duration: 28:04

Video: 852x480, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Lystra In Suck

Lystra In Suck

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Lystra In Suck