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1st and probably the most excellent film of the series (Ivy Manor), in which there is a diversity of scenes, costumes and games that are very natural game actresses (feelings emaUtro recent day Mrs. spends in daybed with prolonged latex bottom Jennifer (no longer a journalist .) disguised as "brand new" in female house servant dress (with a tray and on heels), jointly with his girlfriend Ms. start charging chastise one of the slaves. working simultaneously with 2 whips they show their skills. clumsily Jennifer serves em obnosya refreshments. Her mistake drill leads to ice. serving his sentence, that babe (again clothed maids) meets the second bottom. During lesbo licking sweetheart from latex and body, they one as well as the other receive punished.But during the drill, wrapped in latex, they fondle every other afresh. Disobedient slaves are packed, placed in a box and sent to Kathmandu (worst place if u make no doubt of m / f "Cats aristocrats"). Otsii).Once Jennifer had to write a report about Lady Isabella Sinclaire and her infatuation saloon "Ivy Manor". And already animalism the door journalist (bondage model Dzhyuel Marceau) faces slaves in latex. Read greater quantity - it is not merely watching, but likewise lustful, gently fondles associated sub, plunging into the world of latex, tying and domination.When that babe manages to stay a short time (while Mrs. educates slaves very intense lashes), it is time to re-measure half wardrobe - latex corsets and high-heeled shoes. Now that babe was hooked on the by the name of "Latex and enjoyment."The scene animal training the table as full of craves and bliss, like the previous one. It is here underneath the influence of a journalist whether wine Toli serf tongue betwixt his legs, shouting "Yes, I do!" animalism the compassion of Mistress and irrevocably out of reality into the world "associated with latex dolls and gagged." Now that babe does not have to go to work and write reports. Suffice it to deliver a pleasing lady and faithfully accept the reward on her latex outfits, ropes and punishment.Cell into which it is placed on the night gives u the opportunity to reflect on the recent life or just play with themselves latex gloves ..

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Ivy Manor 2 - Jennifers Initiation

Ivy Manor 2 - Jennifers Initiation

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Ivy Manor 2 - Jennifers Initiation

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