V B - 6 Cheating Wife

Studio: Harmony Concepts

The 1st of Victor Ballens "detained" movies suggests psychological as well as phsical harness. It is destined to be a collectors item – a movie u will see over and over once more. More of the incredibly serious, if not grim, bondages-as-penance that the relentless Simone Devon creates for beautiful but wayward hotties. In this clip, Tory is planning an affair, but her perceptive spouse detains her throughout a series of taut and pleasuring ties. Brok Evans shows up as a nasty French Maid being punished for improper adoration, After the storyline are 2 vignettes of Megan Porter and 3 of Jackie Stewart (great barefoot scenes!).

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V B - 6 Cheating Wife

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V B - 6 Cheating Wife