Curious Elise 2 E Graves And Pd

Studio: Infernal Restraints

Elise Graves proceeds her grand travel of PDs Play House as that babe checks out even greater quantity implements of castigation that that guy has set out. He calls in his assistant, Dee, to give Elise a demonstration. She looks her gift slut in the face hole for a bit previous to that babe makes a decision exactly which games that babe wishes to play. The 1st pair of rounds will involve breath control for air, 1st as Dee water boards Elise with her urinate, then as that babe s her to take her air in throughout an old gas cover. This is just the preview of what will come later. When the 2 of em work jointly, PD and SD are so much worse than separate. He has a recent vacuum unit that that guy desires to try out on Elise and her beautiful adult baby clitty. While they discuss the unit, and it is painful effects, totally clinically Elise has herself a near breakdown hoping for the suffering to stop.

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Curious Elise 2 E Graves And Pd

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Curious Elise 2 E Graves And Pd