Drool And Dildos

29 May 2015

Studio: Societysm/Dungeoncorp

Its been a during the time that since Selma has been in our bdsm area, and we missed toturing the cute latin hotty. Feenix walks in on a fully-bound resistance play Selma who is laying in a pool of her own drool. that guy warms her up with some spanking and flogging.Since that babe is not tied to everything but herself, that guy directs her into various poses, striking her when her abilities to move fastened fail to meet his standards. When that guy tires of her pathetic struggle, Feenix pulls her to her feet and anchors her to the ceiling. He adds heavily weighted teat clams and makes her unfathomable face hole a sex toy until that babe gags, drool streaming down her face and neck. Finally, that guy gives her a giant flagellation, striking the clamps off her delicate zeppelins violently. Selmas humiliation proceeds when we rigs her in a doggy style position with her thighs secured to a metal bar. Feenix notices that babe has drool in her hair and adds to it by rubbing her face and head in her own drool puddle. In this position her wazoo and feet are perfectly nude for a sound flagellation and some wax play on the toes, which this guy then canes off. He lastly allows her some joy with her ache using the magic wand to bring her to agonorgasmos, but solely if this babe keeps her throat pumping ferociously up and down on a very big sextoy. Next Selma is fastened on her knees with her cookie and scones in natures garb for Feenix to have a fun. And that guy does, using the tens unit on her soft hips and clothespins and clamps all over her waist and already sensitive zeppelins. He give her multiple orgasms with the wand in advance of painfully removing em. Selma is worn out and exhausted from her day in the playroom, but we have one final intensive rig for her to try. She is tied with rope and thongs lying on her back with her legs widen and her toes bound to clamped nipps. Feenix mercilessly flogs her chubby bawdy cleft, and does a adult baby sole cropping previous to bringing in the dick-stick combo. She implores him not to, but this is for his joy, not hers. But poor Selma can not assist but serve to the enjoyment as that babe cums, screaming.

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Drool and Dildos

Drool and Dildos

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Drool and Dildos