RTB - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - Penny Dreadful - Dec 14, 2013 - HD

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Real Time Bondage

Cast: Penny Barber, Mollie Rose

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Spanking, Humiliation

Video language: English

Penny Barber is known in the tying porn world for being a bit of a disobedient sub. Back talk and sass are all this babe knows. She is the kind of beauty that knows that babe can take greater quantity castigation than almost any people are prepared to give out. A elementary over the knee spanking or a quick whipping would not ever be sufficiently to make her safe word. She is a uncommon treasure, charming, rock hard, and greater quantity than ready to test the boundaries of her own endurance.

We've got a ton of questions for her. During the 1st part of a live feed it is always precious to receive to know the subjects. The 1st full face blindfold that we go to put over Penny's head causes her to safe word not quite just now. Something about her head being is such a confined space gives her horror. It turns out this babe has a horror of suffocating. Looks like we're going to be doing a lot of breath play later.

We have a great game to play with Penny, this day. There is a tiny box with a limits pad on it. Inside we've placed over $1000. Every time Penny safe words this babe is going to have to give us a protocol, which we'll use to test the lock. If it opens the lock, we'll stop the anguish but the cash is ours. If this babe can make it throughout the whole discharge out of giving up that protocol then that babe will earn herself a charming hefty bonus.

It doesn't sound also bad until u realize how devious our members and crew can be. The 1st hood we put over her head was sufficiently to have Penny begging for lenience, so we tuck that away to return in the grand finale.

The decoration model on hand, Mollie Rose, is a gal who is going to have the chance to have a fun watching Penny suffer. We pass her the Hitachi, our majority rock hard hand held fake penis, and situate her in the flawless position to watch the torment on Penny's face. The lunge whip cuts across Penny's arse, the tears begin to roll down her face, and Mollie receives to have a fun the view during the time that rubbing away against her beloved gear.

Next, Mollie goes into the cage during the time that Penny receives put into a brutal hog tie. Having the arms pulled back to the legs is heavy sufficiently rule, but this tie is so constricted that it even arches her back. That same sextoy that Mollie was just enjoying is now a equipment of pain used against Penny. She is asking for assent to cum, but if that babe wishes to big o it is going to cost her. Cash for orgasms appears to be like a fair trade to us. Penny is no bawdy cleft, though. She holds out. We even suspend her in that hog tie, but that babe doesn't give up the rules. That's okay. This game is greater quantity enjoyment the longer it lasts.

Format: mp4

Duration: 54:33

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2689kbps

Audio: 107kbps

RTB - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - Penny Dreadful - Dec 14, 2013 - HD

RTB - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - Penny Dreadful - Dec 14, 2013 - HD

RTB - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - Penny Dreadful - Dec 14, 2013 - HD

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RTB - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - Penny Dreadful - Dec 14, 2013 - HD