Studio: Pain Toy

So far almost any of Kyries sessions have been short and fascinating. Today, however, she is going to be spending the entire weekend as a Paintoy; open to whoever desires to use her. Spanking and flogging the bitchs fur pie and a-hole make for a precious begin to the day. Gregor resolves to add some decorative clothespins to Kryies bumpers, making em additional sensitive for a lengthy flagellation with the captains daughter. Kyries bewitching bra buddies are just also damn soft and vulnerable to leave alone. We tie up Kyries titties so constricted theyre practically willing to burst, and then we make her thrust these large funbags out for the flog. With large purple welts crisscrossing her swollen love melons and tears running down her face, we lastly let Kyrie go. After freeing her zeppelins from the punishing binds, all 3 of her tormentors gather around to admire the beauties brutalized body.

Format: mp4

Duration: 38:22

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Kyries Big Day Punishment