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The second half of 831s Live Feed runs the gamut of Bdsm – from disgracing and restraint bondage, to strike, breath game, electro-shock, and machine fucking. All wrapped up in one neat package called 831.Playing the cello is one thing. But playing it undressed "opens" up possibilities. Afterward, she is restrained and stood up on a block of wood, one knee hoisted into the air. A gag is taped in her throat and tape covers her nose. He shoves fingers into her snatch. Shes caned and flogged like this, resistance play for air.After a wrist and ankle bondage, 831 earn to try out a recent form of metal harness that tightens upon her fingers like a vise, holding her arms outward. An audio-activated stim is thonged into her rose. The cello comes out over another time, this time played by PD, which is castigation sufficiently. But each note shocks her. Her weeps swell and linger with the notes.The finale is a machine fucking. As it bonks faster and faster, her feet and hips are caned. The engine copulates full throttle as though splitting her in 2. And afterwards, her labia gapes, rosy, like a throat hungry for the kiss of a paramour.

Format: avi

Duration: 44:46

Video: 720x576, xvid, 1500kbps

Audio: 125kbps

The Swan Part 2 Live Feed

The Swan Part 2 Live Feed

File size: 536.8 MB

The Swan Part 2 Live Feed

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