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Things for Hazel Hypnotic are about to acquire even greater amount interesting. She has been with us for so lengthy that babe is getting used to our ideas. That means it is time for us to be even greater quantity creative. There is a specific suspension rig that we have been looking to try. It has her soaring in the air with her body perfectly arched to engulf or fuck, which ever we come to a conclusion. This device gives us round-the-clock access to beat her a-hole until this babe is dark and blue. We make the superlatively good use of it whilst this babe is engulfing wang. Any time we wish our shlong to fondle the back of her delicate mouth we deliver a scarcely any sharp blows. When this babe opens wide to shriek we fill the void with wang. 2012Most people that take our electrical torments do it sitting down. Poor Hazel his hung up by her ankles. The means are actually insidious, also. The current runs in throughout her wazoo and out throughout her teats but this babe is not grounded. Instead 2 chains hang down from her billibongs, dangling just above the surface of a copper plate. If that babe has sufficiently core muscle this babe can keep em off the ground and save herself from the ache. As pretty soon as that babe relaxes, though, the juice starts to flow and so do the tears. Maybe some time with the gals will aid relax her afterward.

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The Pear Part 2 - Hazel Hypnotic

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The Pear Part 2 - Hazel Hypnotic

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