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When the world is in danger Rain DeGrey answers the call, sweeping into act for God and Country. There is just one diminutive problem. Today this babe has met her match animal play the hands of the nefarious PD. He doesnt even have a plan to take over or make millions. In fact all this guy has is a wish to make Rain suffer.Most villains take the time to explain their heartless plan. PD has seen these clips previous to and isnt about to make the same mistakes. Besides, Rain is about to suffer throughout it, and it is so much more good if that babe doesnt know what is coming next.Phase 1 is mind-fucks. He has a horrifying taser and just the sound is sufficiently to make Rain shriek in dismay. She is underneath a dark hood and so all that babe knows is that sometimes that babe feels the flagellate and sometimes that babe hears the sound that haunts her nightmares. She is so terrified of the shocks that that babe is literally thanking him for the lashes.Phase 2 is real copulates. If Rain thought being bare of her gadgets and guns was the majority humiliating thing that could happen to an agent in the field that babe is soon-to-be-sorely mistaken. Next that guy will tear away her clothes, piece by piece, and then each final shred of her dignity.You watch, PD has been working on a adult baby project that guy calls "SkyFuck". It is a tying frame specifically designed to be hung in the air with Agent DeGrey inside. It let us him tie her melons, clothespin her nips and set a fucking machine to work, slamming her love tunnel, all whilst keeping her hovering just above the floor. Her face, wazoo, and anything else are hanging out there willing to be played with and there is no thing that babe can do about it. As lengthy as that guy keeps her distracted with intensive,orgasms that babe will not be able to come up with an escape plan.When that guy brings her back down to Earth the get-together is not over, though. He still needs to break her previous to this chab can move on. What comes next is anyones guess but what is coming now is sufficiently pang and humiliation to bring this battle-tested super spy to tears. Hopefully Home Office will send in a short time. This one is nearly all used up and PD is still looking for greater quantity.

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Skyfucked - Rain Degrey

Skyfucked - Rain Degrey

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Skyfucked - Rain Degrey

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