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Bella Rossi joined us for an excellent live feed. It begins off with her and Rain DeGrey sharing an greatly taut space, a brand fresh cage. The way they are just tossed inside gives us a bit of a peak animalism Bellas colorful pants. Dont worry, shell be taking these off, pretty soon. Rain and Bella one as well as the other are wearing way likewise much. Whats the point of having 2 girls in restraint bondage if they are going to be all overspread up? Once the gals are free of their taut adult baby dresses the real enjoyment can begin. They take turns backing their butts up against the bars of their cage so that they can spends some time with Mr. Pogo. "Im a doxy, fuck me more." Its the mantra that those 2 live by. Their entire existence revolves around constricted restraint bondage and servicing jock. They work jointly in their miniature space to show off their skills in hopes of getting a smack of the real thing. Bella is the 1st one out of captivity. Rain acquires to sit by and see during the time that Bella receives the royal treatment. Of course we do not mean getting pampered. Instead all of our attention is focused on our star redhead. Now she is stuck standing whilst our crew works her over with a couple of whips. She craves to shift her body away from the blows but any movement means this babe risks losing her balance and getting her metallic paramour rammed even deeper inside of her. It receives worse. Once we have her warmed up we pull the heels away. Now Bella is left standing on the tips of her toes, a tough position even when 2 people arent taking whips to your feet. Some beauties would give up animalism this point. Bella knows that babe still has a lengthy day ahead of her.

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Pain Is Love - Bella Rossi

Pain Is Love - Bella Rossi

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Pain Is Love - Bella Rossi