Release Year: 2002

Genres: power play, femdom

Video language: English

This poor sap thinks he's in for a very priceless time with the gorgeous, hot temptress who earlier picked him up animal play a club. Little does this chab know that the lady sitting beside him on the couch is the cruel, sadistic Mistress Jackie... and the solely person who is going to be having a valuable time tonight is her. Dressed seductively is a red leather dom, short darksome leather petticoat and pretty dark nylons, Mistress Jackie plays along with the slutty fool. He sits there with a smug grin on his inexperienced face as this babe fetches a bottle of wine and starts to fill 2 glasses with the golden liquid. He's far likewise busy lecherously fondling her curvaceous sub to notice the tablet that this babe surreptitiously slides into his . As pretty soon as it has stopped fizzing that babe hands him the glass and, like a lamb to the slaughter, that guy each final drop. His captor coldly utters the chilling words, 'Got him!' He awakes to discover himself in the centre of a nightmare. Suspended nude in midair by meaty ropes attached to his wrists and ankles this guy resembles a infirm adult baby fly caught in a spiderweb. Mistress Jackie, now attired in gleaming darksome patent leather thigh-length boots with gold laces up the back, discloses her true reason for luring the sap back to her abode. She has seen the disgraceful way that guy treats sweethearts - and that babe doesn't like it one adult baby bit. So, on behalf of all the chicks this chab has wronged, she's going to show him the error of his ways. This that babe does firstly with a riding crop and then with her razor sharp fingernails, which that babe sluggishly down his back leaving livid red scratches in their wake. Next that babe reaches for a packet of sinless looking clothing pegs. Harmless sufficiently objects, u might think - until this babe maliciously attaches em to his hairy mat-bag. He howls in ache but there is worse to come - as several much bigger wooden pegs bite into the ramrod that has got him into such terrible trouble. As a finishing touch this babe attaches metal clamps to his nipps. Gleefully informing her sufferer that that babe desires to hear him shriek, that babe takes up position behind him and lays into his submissive with her flagellate.

Format: avi

Duration: 1:20:36

Video: 720x528, DivX 5, 1269kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Sadistic Mistress

Sadistic Mistress

Sadistic Mistress

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Sadistic Mistress

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