Studio: Insex

1201s Insex initiation proves to be a hair-razing experience.It begins with a three-hour languishing period; wearing a sophisticated cocktail suit and heels, the lithe college student is fastened, gagged, tormented, and screwed. Naked, that babe is locked into a glass display case and left to anticipate the nightmare that awaits.Dripping with sweat, 1201 is removed from her sweltering confinement to be suspended in a taut coil with hands fastened to ankles. A hook is then shoved into her constricted, sensitive asshole.She is lowered in this compromising position to be caned and stimulated. The sex toy brings her to the brink of agonorgasmos, but PD refuses to let her cum. Instead, that guy hoists her into the air one time greater quantity and proceeds with the hitting midair.Next, that babe is belted down prone on a metal chair. An examination conducted by guest Dom Ghost investigates the private details of her sordid past. Electric shocks to the nipps and snatch assure that this babe tells all.After her candid interview, 1201 is seated vertical and secured in stocks for her haircut. A metal hook pushes her nose up into a pig snout and holds her throat wide open. PD 1st crops her short brown locks with scissors, mockingly poking some into her dilated throat. A str8 razor is used to the remaining stubble off her head and to remove her eyebrows so that babe is totally bald.Impaled on a sex toy, 1201 is animal play final rewarded with an big o. Strapped to the metal chair, this babe basks in the afterglow, metallic collar hugging her slim neck and pale, shining head smoothly shorn.

Format: real

Duration: 2:02:47

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

File size: 200.0 MB

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