Insex - Az Socks Star, Part 1 (Live Feed From May 14, 2005)

Release Year: 2005

Studio: Insex

Cast: Az, Star

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, torment, Realtime Show

Video language: English

AZ tops star in a Live Feed that proves – AZ gives as admirable as that babe acquires. Poor star, so beautiful. Maybe that babe thought a woman would go easier on her. But everyone knows hotties are naughty on dom. They’re deranged. And AZ has greater amount than just a adult baby of the feline in her. She’s feral. AZ doesn’t just poke star over the edge, that babe shoves her.

Wearing cherry red pants, star hangs in a constricted cage. She watches as AZ applies her make up. AZ suggests a banana to star, who says she’s not hungry. It’s that brief pained smile of AZ’s that makes u cringe. It haunts u. Somehow u know, the banana is going to flog star’s a-hole.

AZ toys with star’s muff. She slaps it. She acts genuinely kind, then spits in her face. The banana copulates star. It plunges into her face hole. AZ mauls star’s delicious billibongs. AZ knees star in the bawdy cleft, slaps her, spits on her, throttles her. “Are u worthless?” AZ says, whispering. “Do u merit to be treated this way?” And after this, it’s clear from the look on star’s face that she’s willing, that the 1st layers have been nude away. From here on out, things will solely receive worse.

It’s all about dread, about preparing the martyr. Ask any fine hangman. Some people u don’t ever have to touch. You just show em the tools. You tell em what you’re going to do. They’re so terrified, they’ll do everything. They’ll say everything. So by the time AZ indeed uses the cattle prod on star, the girl’s greater amount than freaked. For AZ, it’s as much joy as raking her with her claws. AZ could nearly purr from the phobia this babe evokes. And she’s so worthy about showing star how to put the prod on the high setting just previous to this babe slams her with a hefty jolt.

Now a tub of water is placed in front of star. AZ explains to star how much it is going to engulf, the drowning and the rod all animal training the same time. Her kindness is overwhelming. AZ dunks star and whips her fiercely with a rod that’s wire thin, a real slasher. star’s back and arms are so full of welts, her skin raises in a single red mass. She coughs and chokes from the water. AZ scrapes her fingernails over the welts. She pounds em. She shoves star’s head underwater. Slaps, canes, scratches. star melts down. She disintegrates. And AZ’s gratified adult baby smile. Like the cat o nine tails that ate the canary. You think u watch feathers falling from her lips.

The banana returns. But this time AZ feeds star and they the one and the other laugh. It’s a trick almost all cats love. Letting the mouse think it’s escaped, just in advance of scarring it is face hole.

Format: real

Duration: 42:04

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Insex - Az Socks Star, Part 1 (Live Feed From May 14, 2005)

Insex - Az Socks Star, Part 1 (Live Feed From May 14, 2005)

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Insex - Az Socks Star, Part 1 (Live Feed From May 14, 2005)