Release Year: 2005

Studio: Insex

Cast: Kassy

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, castigation, Realtime Show

Video language: English

A darksome van cruises up to the curb animal training the airport. kassy steps in and she’s whisked away. For kassy, abduction and pain are solely the starting. Afterwards, kassy is bagged and locked into a sarcophagus for transport. While a TENS shocks her cunt, a loop tape plays in her ears. “Welcome to the remainder of your worthless life.”

As pretty soon as kassy meets PD, this guy wraps a rag around her neck. She wakes up belted into a metal chair in the back of the van, hands in mitts, a partial hood over the head, and thick collar about the neck. kassy’s face hole is stuffed and taped. A admirable, large ‘cock’ is plunged up into her vagina and locked into place. As the van barrels down bumpy Brooklyn streets, kassy’s slit is jammed up and down onto the wang.

She’s wheeled into the studio, still belted to the chair. It’s time to play a adult baby “breathing game.” Straps constrict her upper chest and lower rib cage. A cattle prod shocks bra buddies, teats, vagina, and booty. The right nipp is shocked repeatedly, very fast, until kassy goes berserk.

A plastic bag goes over her head, bound off animalism the neck. More cattle prod. The bag is fastened off just beneath the nostrils, restricting air even further. kassy panics. More shocks. The bag is circumcised open and wrapped taut to the face. No air. None. kassy’s head is thonged backward. The cattle prod zaps her all over her body.

Now lying in a leather body bag and fitted into the sub half of the sarcophagus, kassy’s muff is wired. The bag is zipped and laced taut. Ear phones are slipped into kassy’s ears and her throat is taped. Electrodes screw onto her teats. The master of the sarcophagus lowers into place, leaving solely a narrow cunt throughout which we watch kassy’s terrified eyes. One by one, the latches of the sarcophagus snap shut. A looped recording activates a series of shocks as PD’s voice instructs kassy about the horrors of her fresh life as a wimp. The sarcophagus is lifted onto a cart, wheeled outside, and slid into the back of the van. The doors shut. The van drives off into the coming night.

Format: real

Duration: 43:30

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Insex - Maine Visit 1

Insex - Maine Visit 1

File size: 141.1 MB

Insex - Maine Visit 1

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