Release Year: 2005

Studio: Insex

Cast: 331

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, punishment, Realtime Show

Video language: English

Silky and carnal, 331 makes a visit to the farm with PD. She whimpers and groans whilst PD fingers her wet crack - as she’s hanging in a cage, manacled to a post, on her knees locked in metal stocks, and tied in the hay with her knees to her shoulders. A model unrepining in Haypussy, 331 allows anything. For her award, she’s comes and comes and comes.

It is night. A flashlight beam moves along the ground. A barn door slips open. Then the beam glides over floor planks. Out by the pond, the peepers cry. The beam of light flashes upon a angel hanging in a cage in the darksome. She supplicates to be let out. The flashlight shows a gleam of soaked animal play her vagina. He pokes the tines of a pitchfork into her soft arse and the delicate soles of her feet, then lowers her, settling her snatch onto the domineer of the pitchfork propped on the floor. He fingers her wet crack. She breathlessly asks for approval, then comes, very soft and sultry. Not lengthy after, this babe supplicates him to stop. Moths circle the beauty hanging in the cage with a pitchfork up her twat. The room goes dark. The barn door slips shut. She groans and shivers in the black.

Her wrists chained behind a post, her neck is chained likewise and shackled to her wrists. It is day. A saw whines in the background. Equipment is brought in and dropped nearby. Hammering, Voices. One of her ankles is handcuffed to a crossbeam. Time passes. She sits, tired. Her cum-hole is pale pink. He plays with her. She’s willing. Her eyes and throat go soft with crave. Her fur pie grows greater amount deeply colored, and her love button is heavy.

She’s chained in a wrist and ankle bondage, lying face down in the hay. As machines run in the background, that guy fingers her another time.

Wrists and ankles locked in metal stocks, she’s on her knees in the hay, her booty in the air, her face poked against the floor. A freshly circumcised leafy switch-hitter plays with her twat. Then this babe is whipped. She abhors it, but tells him that babe craves to learn to take a rod for him.

Arms tied behind, her boobs tightly fastened, and her knees fastened to her shoulders, she’s been rolled onto her back in the hay. In the waning light, her shadowed love tunnel goes soaked as that guy fingers her. Her throat is stuffed and taped absolutely shut. Her bra buddies are purple. The switch-hitter whips animal training her feet and booty. It pokes her delicate interior sole and her nipp. Her cunt gleams as his finger slides back and forth over her love button. She comes. He keeps touching her, tormenting her muff as this guy holds her nose closed until this babe fights for air. After this chab tires of her, that guy leaves. Night is falling. She struggles to sit up, lost in a raunchy haze.

Format: real

Duration: 39:33

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Insex - Haypussy

Insex - Haypussy

Insex - Haypussy

Insex - Haypussy

File size: 100.1 MB

Insex - Haypussy

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