Release Year: 2015

Big breasted redheaded whores receive the very most good that we can suggest. And Veronica Avluv merits the most excellent that we can dish out. This legendary knows how to shove it to the edge and has played with some serious dominant shelf ramrod in her day. How do we acquire this toy’s attention and make an thud?
How about crucifying her down onto a sybian and throatboarding her until this babe loses her mind? It sounds like an awesome plan and we receive right in it. Thick leather bracelets keep her ankles shackled down and thongs keep her pale arms widen wide. A sybian, the world’s almost all strong sex toy, is wedged betwixt these well traveled legs. A large dark ballgag keeps her puffy blow job lips cranked open wide and reminds her what her face hole is for-to be a sheath for 10-pounder. We haven’t even started yet and the drool is already flowing out.
We add some nipp clamps and tie em to the floor previous to removing the ballgag and replacing it with pecker. The restraint bondage and clamps keep Veronica firmly in place. She can not move or escape, all that babe can to is accept her fate to have the back of her head nailed to the cross with raw pecker. This is throatboarding animal play it is finest. The dirty melts down as that babe is overloaded with brutal blow jobs and multiple orgasms. Drool coats these biggest billibongs and runs down her abdomen to that overworked cum-hole.
When we have had our fill this muff, we switch-hitter up the dial on the sybian and leave her to languish, limply cumming over and over. The sybian will make her cum for as lengthy as it is on, no matter how tired Veronica’s slit might be. She is left an empty shell, hanging on her cross and twitching as the orgasms roll over her.

Format: mp4

Duration: 18:25

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6755kbps

Audio: 104kbps

File size: 926.0 MB

Veronica Avluv ,Matt Williams

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