Release Year: 2015

We begin off with a snug and secure chest restraint that immobilizes . Taking away her arms begins to put her into slave bliss and we that powerless feeling by dropping her down to her knees and using her throat aperture like a get-together favour. Her shirt is circumcised open to allow her puffy teats to shove free. Huge ramrod is introduced to the back of her head as this babe sputters and drools, asphyxia . Amy’s eyes are already beginning to glaze and we are merely just getting started.
It is a unrelenting spiral into slave bliss. Amy becomes in advance of our eyes. She is ragdoll from the one and the other ends, used out of compassion from each angle and in each position, the secure tying keeping her totally powerless. We try and stand her up to bow her over our table, and Amy is so that babe can not even stand up, wobbling like a fresh born baby calf. We have to aid her onto the table as this babe flails around in a daze.
Restraining this glassy-eyed rookie into a strict hogtied that cranks her cunt to the flawless height, we finish up with some greater quantity face hole enforcement. She limply hangs onto the rod as it tattoos it is initials onto her tonsils. Poor adult baby Amy. Welcome . Dicks, meet Amy. Amy, meet dong. In this case, it appears the jock has won.

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Amy Faye , Matt Williams ,Jack Hammer