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Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

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29 year old Lilith is Into The Attic on her 1st visit. A truly marvelous beauty. There's just smth about defiling a actually beautiful beauty that's so much pleasure. Let's acquire started.
Things began by interviewing Lilith with some personal questions during the time that her elbows and wrists were fastened jointly behind her back. We receive to know her a bit, her raunchy tastes, her demeanor, her attitude and that large goddamn smile. And then Lilith is on her knees engulfing off Luther which is attached to the recent body frame. She acquires on her knees, elbows and wrists still tied, and sticks Luther right down her mouth. She works it much how I'd imagine she'd do a real shlong. She was rather gentle with it for a sadist. Licking the end and type of massaging the entire thing with her throat. I had her spit on it a pair of times. She looked outstanding with drool falling from her face hole and off Luther to the floor. And when that babe was done, this babe said us how much this babe likes to engulf darksome dong.
Next up for Lilith is a adult baby latex wearing construction project. After a some other brief chat I have Lilith remove her clothes and put on some latex nylons and shirt. She takes her time getting clothed. And one time she's put on the latex this babe shines it up with a cloth. Nice, lengthy and lingering looks are made over her body as this babe receives her latex on and properly shined. And one time this babe is shined up this babe puts back on her fascinating red heels. Now that babe is asked to begin her construction project. Just some pipe pieces I have lying around. I asked her to assemble em and then screw em into the floor. Apparently, she's not very precious animalism screwing pipe jointly. Did that babe receive a adult baby disappointed? Once she'd figured it out I had her lie below it with her zeppelins hanging off the end of the platform --her latex encased billibongs. Then I pulled her arms up high and str8 up, bondage her wrists off to the contraption this babe was now lying underneath. I put a hair tie in and pulled her head back sharply. Then I grabbed a vigour gear to fasten her ankles to the floor with some brackets. When I had her secured in place I put Lilith's 1st ever ring gag into her face aperture. Then added a drool plate below her face so we'd catch anything and keep it tidy. The rest of Lilith's time is spent enduring this uncomfortable binding as her cum-hole is attacked with a Eroscillator and a Hitachi. She drools relentlessly onto her drool plate. It oozes from the one and the other her upper and lower lip in not at any time ending streams. She's made to talk to us repeatedly with the ring gag in place. Then her astonishing butt receives flogged to the point of naughty red welts appearing. She tries desperately to have an big o and not quite succeeds but becomes distracted with the handle of asking 1st.
Next for Lilith is a adult baby time getting back in touch with her religious roots. She is sat in the midst of the floor butt-naked. I toss some clear, hooker style high heels in front of her and have her put em on. I then bind her elbows jointly and pull her legs out and open, fastening em to the floor. Finally, I tie a rope around her neck and secure that to the ceiling. Then I make her ask u, The Viewer, to put a panel gag on her. Once that is locked into place a crucifix and sextoy are poked up betwixt her legs and that babe is asked to acquire herself off. And this babe of course isn't shy about sticking that cross right up her fur pie. In fact, that babe drilled that crucifix. It was important to her. She'd fuck it and then pop the Hitachi on her box. But of course, that babe had a great deal of trouble orchestrating that entire thing with her elbows fastened jointly behind her back. It wasn't lengthy in advance of we started to watch quite a bit of drool falling from behind the panel gag and run down betwixt her pantoons. She worked that vib and crucifix; moving one closer to her wet crack and then the next, alternating em until that babe discovered a combination that worked for her. At one point I could watch that babe needed assist fucking that crucifix. So I pushed that bible from 1847 up betwixt her legs which gave her some leverage with the cross. Now this babe could fuck it using her thighs and work the vib animalism the same time. It's a whore trying to receive yourself off when you're so well tight.
In the end we discover Lilith in a strict wrist and ankle bondage. She had said me earlier that that babe liked to struggle. So I cinched her up taut and asked her to do her superlatively good to receive out of it. When I was done bondage it that babe said me "I can barely move". She was adamant that this babe could not acquire out of it. I had to poke her to try and struggle free. Which, frankly, was ravishing to see. She worked on this for some minutes and made a great deal of progress. Ultimately, however, that babe wasn't able to acquire all the way free. As a result, I had her squirm, to struggle her way over to where I sat on the other side of the floor. And when that babe lastly made it over to me we had a adult baby a adult baby chat.

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IntoTheAttic Lilith

IntoTheAttic Lilith

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IntoTheAttic Lilith

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