Release Year: 2015

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

Video language: English

21 year old Zayda "The Cry Baby" is back. She begins her day off in enormous stocks hung from the ceiling. She's bent animal play the waist wearing a ravishing sun suit with darksome heels. Except for these heels, she's looking exceptionally sinless and pure. Very nice-looking. I spend a adult baby time talking to her, complimenting her on her priceless shoes and charming costume. About her sex life, how that babe cant live without it. I ask her to turn around so I can watch her wazoo. I lift up her sun costume and expose her pleasant juvenile behind. I have her tell me about her 1st raunchy experience as I install an a-hole hook into her a-hole. I tie that off to her hair as this babe tells me that babe truly doesn't like anal sex. She's said to widen her legs. I ask her if that babe thinks she's a marvelous hotty. Then I ask her to sing us a real glamorous song. Something that let us us know how marvelous that babe is. Something to acquire us in a glamorous mood. She sings us a song and forgets half the words to it. When I grab the cat o nine tails this babe suddenly is inspired to come up with one that babe really knows. And that babe did. She really put jointly smth very charming. That's when I grabbed the nose hook and turned her into a gorgeous piggy. Oink, oink. At one point I had her snort for us. And that babe was such a beautiful piggy I put a mirror up to her face and had her make out to herself. To tell herself how glamorous this babe is. About how much this babe wanted to fuck herself. Oink, oink. Snort, snort. After giving her a sandwich bag blind fold I had her turn around so I could stuff some lengthy banana slices into her wet crack. I poked em in there real far. And when I was done that babe said me this babe "felt stuffed". When that Hitachi slammed down on her cookie this babe was just now sent into Zayda Land. Whimpering and crying. Heavy breathing. Can't stand. Shaky. I warned her, she'd be eating these banana slices in her pussy after this babe cums. But that didn't deter her. When that babe was willing to cum that babe had to tell me: I wish to eat these bananas in my slit, may I please cum? And it didn't take lengthy either in advance of this babe was saying just that. She fired off 3 orgasms that went from sounding like that babe was being eviscerated to calling home cows in a field. And when she'd pulled herself back jointly that babe was said to shove these bananas from her slit. To expel em. When they impact the floor I grabbed a fork and fed her pieces of it from the floor. She said me it tasted like cunt. She ate each final piece that babe shoved out. But I knew greater amount was in her. So I unfettered her and had her squat on the floor for us. With her adult baby piggy hook and gazoo hook still installed, pulling her head back in an unnatural position as this babe dug in her vagina for the final of the banana pieces. Each one that babe pulled out this babe slapped to the floor. Then I made her pick em up and eat em. She had to search for em cuz this babe couldn't look down. Her adult baby piggy hook keeping her head drawn back. She was gagging on em when I left.

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Duration: 53:49

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IntoTheAttic Zayda J.

IntoTheAttic Zayda J.

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IntoTheAttic Zayda J.

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