Release Year: 2015

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

Video language: English

Raven is back after her 1st visit which was circumcised short due to her becoming a adult baby bit overwhelmed. Let’s try it again…
Things begin off with Raven being tied, whilst fully dressed, to a wood pallet. There’s quite a bit of banter taking place betwixt her and JR; we listen for awhile as that babe is being fastened up. It doesn’t take lengthy previous to her suit receives pulled up over her scoops and her legs drawn up and outward –and the banter proceeds. She’s asked how that babe feels about being so widen open and naked, after all, she’s a professional woman. Then her marangos acquire pulled from her brassiere and clamped. A clamp is placed on her clitoris. As a rope is being drawn around her neck that babe becomes visibly concerned. Her breathing has changed and that babe lazily moves her head side to side. That clamp is beginning to take effect. Her lengthy hirsute hair is bound off above her. Her breathing has quickened. She audibly and frequently gasp, her chest rising and falling quicker and quicker. It is not quite as though she’s discovered herself in heat. When the Hitachi touches that clothespinned clitoris this babe yells out. A ball gag is retrieved and buckled into her face gap. The gum she’s been chewing is smeared over her face. A candle that’s been burning in the corner is tipped over her naked bazookas and haunches pouring hawt wax all over her flesh. When it’s time to vib her off another time the clamp is removed and then placed back on her clitoris afresh. This pulls it away from her body and keeps it well nude for the Celebrator to work over. She screams and pushes throughout her ball gag in desperation. But when the clothespeg is removed this babe nearly appears to be to shriek equally as bad. Big Black comes out and is promptly stuffed in her vagina. She screams the entire time it is being inserted. And then she’s vibbed off whilst being pounded by BB. Within seconds this babe is begging for assent to cum. Screaming for assent. Crying out. It sounds like the delivery room of a maternity ward. When BB is pulled out of her wet crack in one quick motion this babe ejects spray onto the floor. It is wiped on her face. Her teats receive bound off to the floor and the clamp added back to her love button previous to finding the Hitachi attacking her pussy another time. She entreats with great desperation for consent. She grunts and screams and whines and cries with abandon. She curses. When the Hitachi acquires pulled away this babe tells me how close that babe was betwixt heaving sobs of tears. Big Black receives stuffed back in her pussy and the Celebrator begins working her love button over. When this scene was over the honey didn’t have a voice left.
Raven is now stripped, save for her shoes, and standing in the centre of the room. Her arms are crossed and bound above her head. She has a rope gag and a head restraint that keeps her skull pulled downward. Her legs are drawn and bound outward. A clamp is attached to her clitoris afresh. After we see her for several minutes nipp clamps are added to her predicament. Weights are added to the clamps. She squeals and screams when they are applied. The teats are pulled down and the clamps swing like pendulums as the clamp on her love button is vibbed off with the Hitachi. Her hopeless screams for leniency go unheeded as that babe is relentlessly tortured on her love button.
We discover Raven on her tip toes riding The Rail, naked, save for her shoes. A spreader bar keeps her legs separated. Her wrists are fastened over her head and teat clamps keep her leaning forward over the rail. They likewise make her screech out intermittently. A spider gag is added to her face aperture. A dollop of playgirl is added to her tongue to insure copious amounts of drooling. Hot wax is poured over her zeppelins and directly onto her teats. She’s left for awhile, to be watched. On my return I duct tape the Celebrator on the rail itself, just below her clitoris, so as that babe rides the rail that babe rides the Celebrator as well. It leaves her screaming in outright desperation. It leaves her panting and crying. She occasionally let us out a primordial shriek, raising her legs up off the ground and digging her love tunnel into the sex toy and rail. She is distracted by a flagellation of her torso. She is struck repeatedly on the chest and belly, every impact this babe calls out in ache, grunting it out. She can’t receive away from the strikes, her teat clamps hold her in place, the Celebrator humming away. When the Hitachi joins in that babe is beside herself in want. She groans out in fun. She really cries. She implores and pleads for approval to cum. She sounds like a woman possessed, or being killed.
Raven is bare and lying on her back. Her legs are doubled back, bound off and drawn outward so as to expose her slit. A crotch rope separates her cunt lips. Her arms are drawn out and away from her body. She’s just awaiting for smth. As we expect and see it appears to be that babe grows greater quantity and greater quantity concerned, greater quantity in need, her breathing appears to be to become greater amount labored and her crave greater quantity pungent. Finally Big Black shows back up. After the crotch rope is separated her cunt is promptly stuffed. She screams out during it is penetration. It receives fastened into place betwixt her calls of want. The clamp returns and finds it is way to her love button. Electrodes are added to her teats and turned on. Another candle full of sexy wax is poured onto her body, her marangos, her nipps. She screams and cries. It’s a hopeless screech, a screech of need and desire and pang. The Celebrator finds her clothespinned clitoris and jerks her off. She screams the entire whole time, pleading and needful. When the clothespeg is removed that babe screams harder. She’s pleading with me. Desperate requests for smth, everything. She just throws em out there betwixt sobs. Does this babe truly desire me to stop? She’s flailing and throwing her arms about. She’s begging to cum. She’s given 10 seconds to do it and the countdown begins…

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:10:18

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IntoTheAttic Raven

IntoTheAttic Raven

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IntoTheAttic Raven