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Cyd Black and Elise Graves got a nice-looking ravishing deal. A beautiful elementary one, likewise. Deliver Kristina Rose, unmarked and unharmed, and there is a massive payday in it for em. The terms do not, however, say that they can not have some pleasure with her, especially if the client is late to the pick up. They did not need to undress her down to her underclothes and tie her spread-eagle on the couch. That part is just a adult baby bit of customer servitude that they like to include for free. Girls like Kristina receive picked out for a reason. They fit the 3 Ps: Pure, Pampered, and Pretentious. All it takes is a chap with the right connections to make a scarcely any phone calls and the next thing that babe knows this babe is whisked from a world of spas, salons, and clubs to one of restraint bondage, control, and sex. Being undressed and nude acquires the cutie into the right state of mind when her recent owner comes to take possession of her. Its basic psychology that Cyd and Elise have exploited in advance of. The less theyre wearing, and the greater quantity vulnerable their position, the less likely they are to put up much of a fight. This special client was so vague with his directions. Dont leave a mark? Thats an simple one. A captains daughter on Kristinas rectal hole and cum-hole might turn her bright red but they arent going to leave her overspread in bruises. Nipple clamps are going to give her a pinch this babe will not in a short time forget but there will not be a trace of em left by the time her owner arrives. Kristinas captors are feeling nice-looking generous this day. Or maybe they are just bored. Either way, one time they acquire going they make a decision to give her a full lesson in what her recent life is going to be like. They grab some toys and acquire to work. Kristina grits her teeth against the gag in her throat and tries her most excellent not to give em the gratification of hearing her shriek. She doesnt understand that they arent trying to acquire everything from her. She isnt the prize or the game. Shes the gear. It doesnt matter to em how that babe reacts. It is the action of hurting her that they have a fun.

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Spread And Exposed - Kristina Rose Elise Graves

Spread And Exposed - Kristina Rose Elise Graves

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Spread And Exposed - Kristina Rose Elise Graves

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