IntoTheAttic Vogue

Release Year: 2015

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

Video language: English

Vogue has returned to The Attic willing for greater quantity fun and intense on the torment. Let’s dig right in.
She begins off in a box tie, exposed, tied securely to a diminutive darksome rocker chair. Her legs are doubled back and strapped. Then tied outward in order to expose her vagina to it is maximum. Her labia is clamped and every clothespeg is bound off to her large toes. A clamp is firmly attached to her clitoris. She’s ring gagged. As we see her this babe appears to be to be concentrating on her breathing, her eyes are closed. After some time she’s de-gagged and I sit down and have a adult baby conversation with her. Find out what she’s been up to. But we do have to receive busy torturing her, so she’s re-gagged. When the electrical box comes out that babe smiles behind that gag. She’s a pang doxy. The electric teat clamps are put on her and turned up until this babe cries out with every breath. Until she’s panting. A petite Hitachi is placed on her clothing pinned clitoris. Clothespins are added to her ear lobes and greater quantity are placed around her already clamped and electrified nipps. She’s truly panting now. The Celebrator attacks her clamped love button next. Its terribly painful for her. She keeps crying out. And when I lastly remove the clothespeg that babe cries out even greater amount when the blood rushes back into it. But I just keep vibbing it away. Then that babe lastly appears to be to drift into one more space. Her eyes close another time. More electricity to her zeppelins sends her screaming. Almost a panic. The large Hitachi comes on board now. At 1st this babe gargles out smth about how that doesn’t even assist. She cries out “Oh God!”. Her breathing is fast and labored. But she’s beginning to like it now. She suddenly asks for affirmation to cum. When the agonorgasmos is denied that babe literally screams over and over anew. Like a maniac. After her outbursts this babe asks once more for assent. Repeatedly. Denied. Denied. Denied. But this babe keeps asking, desperately asking. I make her a deal, if I can turn the electricity up just a adult baby greater amount that babe can cum. She doesn’t desire to do it so I deny her. She screams anew. Another outburst; lengthy guttural screams. With the Hitachi still vibbing away this babe keeps asking and screaming. I stop. I go and receive a water blaster full of cold water and pantyhose her down. Water pours from her ring gagged face hole as it runs back out. She’s drenched now. Then it’s back to vibbing her. In no time she’s asking for assent once more. Denied. She lastly relents and asks for the electricity to be turned up. So I do. She screams from the depths of hell for several seconds. Then back to vibbing her. She begins to desperately supplicate for consent. Over and over. She wishes it bad. When it is lastly given to her that babe let us out a lengthy winded shriek of fun and ache like rarely heard in the annals of The Attic. And when it was over that babe literally begged to cum anew. Like threw a fit. So I taped her eyes shut with clear tape and said her if this babe can look animalism the camera that babe can have one more one.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:15:56

Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 2915kbps

Audio: 156kbps

IntoTheAttic Vogue

File size: 1.7 GB

IntoTheAttic Vogue

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