Release Year: 2015

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

Video language: English

30 year old Bijou is Into The Attic on her 3rd visit. I'm guessing this visit was her almost all heavy yet.
We 1st discover Bijou out in the courtyard, stuck in The Apparatus. Her neck firmly locked into place as this babe balances upon a block of ice. Her elbows are brought close behind her and fastened up high. Her wrists are then drawn outward and bound off. A dental gag has her face gap wretched open. And of course, this babe has an booty hook firmly implanted and bound off to these elbows. She's shaking. Her hips are shaking and her feet are numb. She already looks taxed. Then suddenly she's getting drilled severely with a large dark sextoy. And when it stops that babe takes on the appearance of one who has just run a 100 yard dash for their life. Breathing enormous, despairing look on her face, exasperated. And she's still shaking. Electrodes now attached to her teats receive cranked up and that babe yelps. The Hitachi attacks her snatch --she looks worried. But her eyes begin to glaze over quickly, becoming cunts actually as this babe makes rhythmic grunting sounds. She asks for assent to cum and instead I have her look animal play u, The Viewer, and ask for her cum-hole aperture to be plugged up. And when that babe manages to acquire that sentence out of her dental gagged face aperture I do just that. I grab a stick, poke a large blue fake penis on the end of it, circumcised it to size with a skill saw right in front of her and then poke it up her twat. Amazingly, amazingly I hear her make out the words "thank you" as I'm walking off. I return and crank up the electricity to her nipps. She begins to shriek and I slam the Hitachi on her twat. Back to that worried look that quickly dissolves into want. To bring her back to reality I make her look animal play u, The Viewer, and tell u that she's a marvelous cute beauty and that her snatch indeed stinks as the Hitachi hums away animal play her box. She's shaking so intense animal training this point, her hips trembling relentlessly, her entire body beginning to convulse now --and then she's begging for approval to cum another time. Denied. But that babe implores repeatedly when said no. She keeps saying, "please, please, please". But no, nada. Don't do it. Instead, I stop the Hitachi and grab a couple of dark goggles and put em over her eyes. Now she's dental gagged and goggled. And when the sex-toy returns to her quivering cookie she's beyond shaking animalism this point. If her head wasn't locked in place she'd just fall to the floor. But that Hitachi is humming away and when this babe entreats for release this time this babe receives approval. And the agonorgasmos that comes over her is like an earthquake occurring. Her entire body rattles about as that babe shakes that wave off and out of her. Then she's left to remain standing on the ice inside The Apparatus.
Next we discover Bijou exposed, wearing manacles on her wrists and one leg fastened back onto itself. She has a obscene towel taped into her face gap. She sitting there. When I come in I tell her to go fetch the cleaning supplies sitting animal play the master of the stairs. As that babe makes her way over to em, crawling, she's given some encouragement to hurry up with a cat to her butt cheeks. She makes her way up the landing, whining about being encouraged and collects the cleaning supplies. She has to sit on her wazoo and pull herself forward to receive back down the stairs in advance of crawling her way into the restroom. I make her stop and then tie a taut crotch rope onto her. A spank to the booty acquires her going another time. As I see her buns crawling thru the washroom door I take the opportunity to flagellate em a scarcely any greater quantity times previous to they turn the corner, a rope firmly separating the one and the other cheeks now. Poor thing, there's some cleaning to do in there. This is the model's restroom so it solely appeared to be fitting to have one clean it. She's said to begin cleaning the bidet with her towel thonged face aperture. After spraying cleaning solution in the bowl this babe begins scrubbing away with her face. She's flogged to aid keep her attention focused. She doesn't like it either. Grunting and cleaning and getting flogged all animalism the same time. She's made to turn the jet nozzle on and then receive her face in there to scrub. A beating helps her do it with enthusiasm. Next it's the water closet right next to the bidet. She's said to receive all the urine stains out. She desperately tries to manage a bottle of Soft Scrub cleaner with her shackled hands during the time that getting caned but acquires flustered and whiny. Caned another time. She scrubs with her face. Inside the bowl, on the seat, around the base -no spot is missed. She's caned each time this babe looks like she's slacking. When done she's said to crawl back out and into the midst of the foyer. There this babe is flogged on her wazoo and back until this babe admits this babe didn't do a very worthy job cleaning the washroom --in spite of the fact that babe did a great job. It sucks to have done such a wonderful job and then acquire punished for it.
Finally, we discover Bijou in a indeed tough situation. Angel has her strung up by the neck, on her high heel encrusted tip toes, one arm fastened behind her back with a chest restraint on. Angel appears to be particularly interested in making Bijou uncomfortable. She's poking her around, raw, keeping Bijou off balance. She's mean. She picks up a ruler and begins striking Bijou with it until that babe screams. A look of worry doesn't even come close to describing what suddenly acquires wiped across her face. She didn't wait this aggressive behavior. Angel relentlessly beats her gazoo and haunches, front and back. Bijou is totally caught off guard and resistance play. Struggling to stay balanced as Angel pushes her heavy anew. But that neck rope and her tippy toes keep her up. She picks up a miniature bat and begins hitting her with that. Poking her in sensitive areas. When Angel ties rope around one of Bijou's upper hips and winches it toward the ceiling Bijou suddenly finds herself precariously perched. She has to keep that one arm still untied thrown out in order to keep her balance, to not choke herself off. Angel is hard with her though. Pushing her still in spite of her being on one leg, one tippy toe now. She picks up that adult baby bat afresh and begins striking her one time greater amount. She's crying and reaching out and looking for some purchase, constantly afraid that this babe will choke herself. She is kept absolutely off guard. She slaps her abdomen, her love melons and vagina. Her face. Grabs her chest restraint and pulls her around. She's crying the entire time. Freaked out. After toying with Bijou Angel acquires the Hitachi and stuffs it into the hand of her free arm. She duct tapes it in there and then tells her to begin getting herself off. The entire time this babe beats her with a bat. And when this babe tires of that that babe beats her with a ruler, then the cat o nine tails, then pulls her around by her teats --but Bijou more good not take that Hitachi away. She bonks with her relentlessly previous to lastly bondage a naughty crotch rope on her. Then this babe tells her to put the Hitachi back on her muff and receive herself off. When that agonorgasmos came over her it was like this babe was in a quell. Her entire body racked in furious storms. She shook intense, quaking from the release. At times, contractions took place that made u swear anybody had just stuck a bowie knife in her back. I was exhausted after watching this.

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IntoTheAttic Bijou

IntoTheAttic Bijou

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IntoTheAttic Bijou