Jay Edwards - Jev-041 - Erotic Awakenings

Carli's a bored employee for an erotic dancing worship sent her out to dance for a fresh client. Carli's charming, consummate body just 'goes throughout the motions' as that babe dances with jaded indifference. Her customer, Jay Edwards, perceives that Carli needs smth to wake her up -- and acquire value for his specie. Soon Carli's alone, resistance play in his living room, wondering what happened! She calls out throughout her gag, demanding that Jay come back and release her. She'll be sorry! After several breast bondages, whippings and other strict punishment, Carli begins to warm up as her haunches dance against her crotchrope. Two innovative scenes feature crotchropes that pull Carli's thighs forward; to further abase her, the clothespins clipped to her nipps are securely taped down -- this babe knows they cannot come off out of someone's assist. Later, fastened to the ottoman and delicately caressing her own tits, Carli welcomes Jay's company as the story ends (and your imagination starts. Sweet Christie appears in 2 vignettes: fastened strictly with chain, her elbows jointly and the ballgag on a chain, as well; then single-sleeved for some stern drilling -- an ass-whipping with the rawhide stinger (but this babe too acquires a welcome back-rub from Jay as her award.

Format: real

Duration: 1:27:59

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 43kbps

Jay Edwards - Jev-041 - Erotic Awakenings

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Jay Edwards - Jev-041 - Erotic Awakenings

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