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Our study proceeds with our 2 subjects. One experiment in neuropathy involves the use of electric stimulant near, around or even on the body to stimulate the nerves. However whats even greater quantity interesting is the horror reaction this activity promotes. It appears to be to kindle our subjects who are stuffed into a small cage jointly. So much that they stimulate themselves with a high powered fake penis whilst sensually rubbing against every other.Now this is an experiment in longevity and repulstion and it is bedtime. We chain the subjects in a majority uncomfortable fashion to prepare for the evening. Necks and ankles tightly handcuffed with their hands behind their backs. How will they use the washroom? Theyll just have to void urine the mattress. We are kind and give em some burlap sacks for blankets. But we are not done fucking with em yet.We crave to watch how well they will sleep whilst greatly sexually aroused. We tease their wet cracks with a sex tool but do not let em come. When it is time for em to pee, they make a bargain. 10 rod strokes in order to pee outside and not make water the mattress. We make em kiss the rod previous to the thrashing. It appears to be a bit of stockholm syndrome is setting in.

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Double Blind Study Part 2 - Elise Graves - Dixon Mason

Double Blind Study Part 2 - Elise Graves - Dixon Mason

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Double Blind Study Part 2 - Elise Graves - Dixon Mason

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